Zendaya Wore Totally Opposite Hairstyles (In Length and Vibe) This Weekend

When Zendaya has a new movie coming out, the world is basically glued to their phone screens waiting to see what she’ll wear for the accompanying premieres and press events. Zendaya doesn’t just walk the red carpet — she owns it. The combination of her innate personal style, the magic touch of image architect Law Roach, and her extremely talented glam team means it’s not a plain old movie premiere, but an event in itself. For Challengers events in Paris and Rome, Zendaya and her team gave us a masterclass in styling, changing up her hair from glamorous honey-blonde waves to a cheeky tennis-star bob. Two fab looks, two totally different vibes. Game, set, match.

First stop, Paris! For the Parisian premiere, Zendaya’s stylist Ursula Stephen added length to the star’s warm blonde hair so it flowed down to mid-back, parting it to one side and curling it into soft, touchable Old Hollywood-esque waves. Stephen then sprayed on a layer of Sexy Hair’s Big Spray & Stay Volumizing Hairspray to keep the waves in place on the carpet. Makeup artist Ernesto Casillas used peachy tones on Zendaya’s cheeks and lips, with equally soft eyes, a fluffy lash, and strong brow to set off the flushed skin. It’s so pretty, it’s obvious why a fan gifted her an enormous croissant!

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