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Would you have ever expected that Dubai has much to offer when it comes to wildlife? The desert is home to many rare species of lizards and other animals that can survive extreme weather conditions. Here are a few animals to see on your wildlife excursions in the desert.


The signature feature of the Arabian Oryx is its majestic horns! Its white coat of fur reflects sunlight helping them cope with the heat. The young are born with sand-coloured fur to act as camouflage to stay hidden from predators. One of the recommended things to see and do in Dubai would be to take a wildlife safari to see these creatures, often organised by hotels like Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.

Charles J. Sharp creator QS:P170,Q54800218, Arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx), CC BY-SA 3.0


These deserts are home to two species of Gazelle; the Mountain Gazelle and the Sand Gazelle. Mountain Gazelles are found mostly in the hilly gravel plains. The Arabian Sand Gazelles are said to be faster runners reaching 65 km/h when in danger.


Spotted by the Al Qudra Lakes and the Seih Al Salaam desert, McQueen’s Bastard, also called Asian Houbara Bustard are rare birds to look out for when on a wildlife safari in the desert. Flamingos, ducks and swans are also common here among other migratory and resident birds.


One of the most common lizard species living in the desert would be the Spiny-Tailed Lizard which can live up to 80 years on less vegetation. The Wonder Gecko is also a species found in the desert.

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