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The BEST BOSU Ab Workout

As you know I have been working with BOSU over the last month giving you new workouts to tone and tighten your entire body.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I have been a BOSU fan for a very long time and love adding them into my regular routine for a little extra challenge and intensity. But there are so many other benefits to using the BOSU. 

Bosu Core Workout
Add Intensity to ANY Exercise – As I just said, the BOSU can make any exercise that much harder. If you’re just doing Bicep Curls you can stand on the dome of the BOSU and instantly add in a challenge for your not only your balance, but also you mental focus and cocentration.

Challenges your Balance and Strengthens your Stabilizing Muscles – As stated above, the standing on the BOSU will challenge your balance, but what you may not realize is that standing on it will also help to strengthen the tiny little muscles in your ankles, or when doing a plank, the small stabilizing muscles in your shoulder girdle are being challenged as well. T

Strengthen your Core and Improve Posture – Because of the added balance challenge, the BOSU is also going to challenge your core, since this is your body’s main stabilizing muscles. Improving your core strength, balance and coordination will transfer over to also improving your posture, which may help relieve back and  “slouching”.

Great for Home Gyms – BOSU’s are great to add into your home gym because they are pretty small but can add intensity to any any exercise, making them  a great addition to your home gym. I know when I work out at home I always wonder how I can add intensity to exercises like squats when I only have weights that go up to 20 pounds, and normally I lift way more than that at the gym. And the BOSU is a great way to do that.

Bosu Booty Workout

BOSU Workouts

What’s one of your favorite pieces of equipment for your home gym?

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