Why mbg’s cellular beauty+ Is Ideal For Skin Longevity*

One main factor that contributes to physical skin aging is a lack of hydration. Of course, drinking water is one way to support your skin from the inside out, but you can also call upon specific skin-supporting players, like ceramides. 

In mbg’s cellular beauty+, a supplement specifically designed to encourage healthy skin aging, we use phytoceramides (as Ceramosides®) to check this box. And taking ceramides orally has been clinically shown to ease wrinkles after only 15 days, with even greater benefits after eight weeks.*

Another factor that contributes to skin aging is oxidative stress. This happens when free radicals from the environment (think pollution, stress, UV rays, etc.) put your skin into a state of stress. When this state is extended, physical signs like skin sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles don’t fall too far behind. 

One way to fend off free radicals is by ingesting (and topically applying) antioxidants. In our supplement, we use pomegranate extract, astaxanthin, and ubiquinol CoQ10—all powerful free-radical fighters.* 

The latter, CoQ10, has been clinically shown to reduce biomarkers of oxidative stress after eight weeks. What’s more, it has been found to improve skin elasticity and smoothness and reduce wrinkles and fine lines after 12 weeks.*

This cocktail of skin-loving ingredients is a recipe for skin support from the inside out, which is one of the pillars of skin longevity.* Whether you’re just beginning to think about healthy skin aging or looking to support aging skin later in life, this mindset of tending to your largest organ internally will only serve you well. 

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