Why I Love the Ninja Nutri Pro Blender: It’s Compact and Powerful

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From the beginning of the year up until a couple of months ago, I’d been living without a blender, and it was a sad time. Before that, I’d used a NutriBullet for years to make fruit smoothies every day — sometimes even twice a day. The reason I put off getting a new blender for so long is because my new kitchen is tiny and barely has any space for another appliance. My roommates have their own blenders and juicers, which are huge and take up a ton of counter space, though I have no interest in sharing with them.

For a minute, I had a rechargeable personal blender, which wasn’t super powerful, but it did the job — until its battery died and refused to recharge. Okay, I thought, it’s officially time to get a real blender. I did some research and came across Ninja’s Nutri Pro blender. It seemed perfect! Not only did it sport a similar design to my beloved NutriBullet, but it also looked compact enough for my small kitchen. Now that I’ve been using it every day for a while, I can say it fully lived up to my expectations. You can shop it directly on Ninja’s website, though right now, it is 20 perfect off on Amazon.

Design Features That Stand Out

When I say this blender is compact, I mean its base measures just under 7 inches wide, which, compared to a lot of other blender bases, is nothing. I store it and the included cup on my dedicated shelf inside one of our cabinets, and I still have plenty of space for my pots, pans, and dishes. Size aside, the base is hefty and has little suction cups on the bottom, so once you stick it on your counter, there’s no budging. This is important because the blending capabilities of this little machine are intense. You’ll also find that the blender’s blades are removable. Once you remove the blade cap, you can drink right out of the 24-ounce single-serve cup, or twist on the spout lid, which allows you to bring your beverage on the go.

Although there’s a dedicated “smoothie” button on the blender, I typically just use the start/stop button, and my smoothies are done in 7 seconds flat. This holds true even when I use frozen berries and ice cubes. Of course, you can also crush ice and chop other tough, fibrous fruits and veggies with the dedicated “crush” button. “Smoothie” and “crush” are both Auto-iQ preset programs, so if you’re not sure how long to blend, they take the guesswork out of the process. No matter which button you press, your concoction will be ready to go in a few seconds. If you’re looking for a tiny but mighty machine that’ll be a workhorse in the kitchen and take care of all your blending needs, look no further — because this is it.

The only downside to this blender is that it’s quite loud, but then again, what blender isn’t? Plus, if you live with people who like to sleep in, you could always make your breakfast smoothie the night before instead of first thing in the morning.

Should You Buy the Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender?

Yes! I genuinely think this blender would be a great fit in just about any kitchen, but especially if you’re looking for the following features:

Where to Buy the Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

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