Hello Friends, today we are indulging in a sweet treat called a White Lady. Hold up, I hear you say, haven’t we already done this recipe back in March? Well, apparently recipes for White Ladies are like busses. You wait for ages for one to come along and then, all of a sudden three come at once. Because, spoiler alert, there will be another White Lady recipe appearing soon!  Last time, our white lady was a very yummy ice cream with chocolate sauce, this white lady is a delicious shortbread-style cookie.

White Ladies2

But not just any shortbread cookie because these have white chocolate and rose water icing and then a dusting of icing sugar on top of that.  Delicious.  But sweet. 

These need to be balanced out with a nice strong coffee.  The recipe for these White Ladies comes from that bastion of posh food, Australian Gourmet Traveller, the May 1993 issue to be exact. This is the same mag that brought us a lovely Warm Chestnut Salad a while back.  The recipe for White Ladies recipe comes from an article on chocolate and the powerful memories it can evoke in people.  

“What is it about chocolate that makes us cherish the memory of certain occasions with such ecstacy?

And if you think that quote possibly goes a little bit too over the top, what about this one?

One friend’s most potent memory is of eating dark Arabian chocolate on a sultry night while being serenaded by eunuchs

I feel that night might have been memorable even without the chocolate….

My own favourite chocolate memory is of a bright cold day in winter a few years aog.  My best friend and I were in the country celebrating my birthday on a girl’s weekend.  After a morning spent at the Hepburn Spa we drove to nearby Daylesford for some afternoon tea.  I had an Italian hot chocolate which I’m pretty sure was pure melted chocolate.  It was warm and sweet and rich and made for the perfect end to the perfect weekend!


White Ladies3

Happily, or possibly sadly for some of you,  you don’t need a hot night in Arabia or a chorus of eunuchs to enjoy these white ladies. A cup of coffee and a few moments of peace are enough!

The Recipe – White Ladies

White Ladies recipe


For those of you who like to gift cookies as part of the holiday season, White Ladies could become a perfect addition to your gifting regime  If they last long enough for you to give any away that is!

White Ladies4

Have a great week!