Which Country Produces Most Of The World’s Olive Oil?

Olives have been a part of Spanish cuisine since the crop was brought over by the Greeks thousands of years ago. The country has been producing oil since at least the era of the Roman Empire. Spain’s long summers and mild winters are perfect for olive trees to thrive, and every year, around 350 million olive trees are harvested in the country. Olive oil is also produced all over Spain — by family-owned farms and commercial suppliers alike — but certain regions are more popular for the crop than others. Andalusia, for instance, a region in southern Spain, produces more olive oil than anywhere else on the planet.


Due to elements like the harvesting process, olive quality, and the environment, olive oil is different depending on where it’s produced. Spanish olive oil has a brighter yellow hue compared to other varieties, as well as a fruitier taste. An olive oil’s qualities also vary from region to region within Spain depending on what kind of olives are used. For example, Andalusian olive oil uses hojiblanca olives, which give the oil a grassy taste, while olive oils made in central Spain using Cornicabra olives are more bitter.

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