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What to Wear with Olive According to 2023’s Winter Trend

When green is another shade that took over the world by storm last season. So this winter 2023 comes with neutral olive green that reminds all of us with olive oil will be our next shade of the year. Think about winter fashion, the first thought it’s about being well-dressed with warm neutral colors since we’re all getting bored wearing our black coats. So this olive outfit trend will be our next winter fave as neutral lovers. It’s warm, comfort comes first and means that the concept of using color no longer matters.

Olive is a versatile and earthy color that can work well for winter outfits. Here are some chic and effortless ways to wear olive for winter fashion 2023:

1. Olive Long Coats

When wearing this long coat with olive color, make sure you layer it with other outfits in neutral colors. You can choose grey sweater dress or black turtleneck. For the bottoms, you can choose a neutral color such as black or ivory.

2. Green Olive Leather Pants

Green olive leather pants can make a stylish and edgy addition to your winter wardrobe. Pair the leather pants with a cozy and chunky knit sweater. You can go for a longline coat, a faux fur vest, or a shearling-lined jacket in a complementary color. A camel or brown coat can work well with olive.

3. Olive Turtleneck

Pair the turtleneck with a pair of dark wash jeans. Black, dark blue, or even deep green jeans can complement the olive color nicely. Make sure they’re warm and comfortable for the winter. Layer your outfit with a cozy and stylish winter coat.

4. Olive Puffer Jacket

An olive puffer jacket is not only a practical choice for staying warm in the winter but can also be a stylish addition to your outfit. Underneath the puffer jacket, wear a warm and cozy sweater. Choose a pair of jeans or trousers in a dark color, such as black, deep blue, or charcoal gray.

5. Olive Vest

A quilted or puffer vest can add both warmth and style to your ensemble. Underneath the vest, wear a long-sleeve turtleneck or sweater. Choose a neutral color like black, gray, or cream for a classic look, or opt for an olive-toned sweater for a monochromatic outfit.

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6. Olive Trench Coat

Opt for a classic style that’s both warm and stylish. An olive trench coat can add sophistication and warmth to your winter outfit. Wear a neutral sweater or turtleneck underneath the trench coat.

7. Olive Scarf

Choose a warm and soft scarf that complements your style. Layer your outfit with a neutral-colored coat. A classic option like a camel, gray, or black wool coat works well with the olive scarf.

8. Olive Dress

Opt for a long-sleeve or three-quarter sleeve dress to keep you warm. You can choose a shift dress, sweater dress, or wrap dress in olive.

9. Olive Sweaters

Start with your olive sweater as the main piece. Choose a chunky knit for extra warmth. Olive sweaters can be a versatile and cozy addition to your winter wardrobe.

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