What Is Margherita Pizza And How Is It Different From Regular Cheese?

A pizza must meet a rigid set of rules in order to officially be a “Margherita” pizza, which is what makes the style so unique. The first requirement is the use of fresh mozzarella cheese. Compared to processed shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella is much creamier due to being stored in liquid. For a really authentic pie, use mozzarella di bufala, or buffalo mozzarella. Most run-of-the-mill cheese pizzas don’t use fresh cheese, and there aren’t any set rules for what kinds of cheese they should be topped with.


Margherita pizza also features a hearty helping of sauce. This sauce can be imbued with spices, but plain, high-quality blended tomatoes work just as well. Most recipes will either call for fresh tomatoes, or San Marzano tomatoes that come in a can. This is a Neoplitan-style pizza, which means the sauce is the star of the show. Regular cheese pizzas certainly have their share of delicious sauce, but not nearly as much as Margherita pizzas. Unlike cheese pizzas, Margherita pizzas are always topped with a few fresh basil leaves. Other than sauce, cheese, and basil, Margherita slices may have some olive oil and salt, but that’s it.

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