Weekly News Update

A white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by book spines as a border

A white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by book spines as a border
  • Reader’s Digest spoke to Kat about guidelines for a business casual dress code.
  • The Washington Post profiled Ann Lowe, a Black fashion designer who was “the go-to designer for weddings and debutante balls for American blue bloods” from the 1920s through early 1960s but was overlooked because of her race.
  • Well+Good talked to a dermatologist about the potential dangers of DIY beauty products.
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  • BBC WorkLife noted that women, particularly those aged 25-54, are back in the workforce at the highest rate since the pandemic — but that the milestone is precarious.
  • Harvard Business Review explained how leaders can support new workers’ mental health.
  • A writer for Cosmopolitan stated, “It’s rage-inducing that so many women are unaware of the intricate realities of their own bodies until they’re trying to conceive — at which point, it’s on you to figure out, pretty much all by yourself.”
  • Next Avenue shared a piece by a woman who started taking an antidepressant at age 32 after years of mental health struggles.
  • Glamour declared, “The modern bridal party is really just another way to turn the bonds between women into profit and turn us against each other in the process.”
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from The Belladonna, with “I’ll Calm Down Once You Put Pockets In This Dress.”

On CorporetteMoms Recently…

  • We looked back at past CorporetteMoms posts, including having a primary driver of family decisions and remembering to take meds (or give them!).
  • We offered some clothes for working moms, including some maternity basics and washable workwear.

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