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  • The Cut looked at the connection between hair relaxers and breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers among Black women who have used them.
  • The Wall Street Journal shared how scientists are developing new sustainable fabrics; meanwhile, The WSJ detailed the feasibility of recycling the ubiquitous polyester.
  • The Washington Post explained the boom in cosmetic dentistry — and identical smiles.
  • Inc. reported on new research that challenges the common belief that women are less likely to negotiate for higher pay.
  • The New York Times advised, “Brace your thumbs for the era of the work text.”
  • Scientific American reported that remote work can reduce your carbon emissions by more than half — but only if you take the necessary measures at home.
  • ProPublica talked to experts — as well as patients who sued their OB-GYN for sexual assault — to create a guide to what should and shouldn’t happen during a gynecological exam.
  • Well+Good explored the surprising intersection of magical thinking, OCD, and anxiety.
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from USA Today, with “A note to UAW workers and WGA writers on strike, from a rich guy: Enough already.”

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