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YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I have my very own newspaper column ‘Ecokitchen‘ for none other than The Washington Post!!! Never would I have imagined this day would come – to be honest, I didn’t think it was in the cards for me! Majority of journalists are so accomplished and well-versed in their areas of expertise that I didn’t think I could ever meet that standard. And that’s where I was wrong. SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE TO MY 8 WEEK NEWSLETTER!

It wasn’t until recently that I had compile a list of all of my press, editorial features, TV features, competition wins, etc, etc etc! when it occurred to me that I am the expert that I’ve been referring to in all these journalists. I’ve spent years developing my career as a self-taught chef, working across the industry at restaurants doing pop-ups, competing on food competitions, doing private catering, large event catering, recipe development for brands, meal kits, cooking on TV, publishing a cookbook – all of this has finally added up and helped me become more of an authority in the culinary, TV and editorial industries. This isn’t a brag by any means – it’s perspective. It wasn’t until I took a step back, and looked at my career with an objective lens that I realized why The Washington Post approached me with this opportunity to spearhead “Ecokitchen.”

You all know I am vegan, but over the past few years, my focus has also been cooking and living with a sustainable approach. It’s equally important to me as being vegan. And that’s exactly why this column is so important to me.

Ecokitchen is an 8 week newsletter that focuses on providing tips, tricks and information on becoming more eco-friendly in our home kitchens. From cooking, cleaning, supplies and daily habits, Ecokitchen will provide practical solutions that can be implemented pretty immediately to make a positive (or net neutral) impact on the environment. Majority of the tips I share are rooted in my upbringing, culture, and research into living a more sustainable life! I hope you take a moment to check it out, sign up and support your girl!!!!

Thank you so much to the entire Washington Post team, especially Neema Roshania Patel, Joe Yonan and so many more!!

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