Travel bookings just a phone call away

by Cheryl Hawkins on 19/10/2023

Travel bookings just a phone call away

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European Family Trip

The team at Sonia Jones travel made my trip to Europe easy and affordable. The airline cancelled my flight at the last minute, and the team were quick to ensure I was across the change and in response to my queries. 

Submitted by Amanda on 22/01/2024

Best Trip I Have Ever Had

I met Sonia Jones in Spain, on a night-time food tour in Madrid. We had both signed up for the tour, me to experience Madrid, and Sonia doing research for her clients. During the tour, Sonia engaged the guide in an extremely interesting and thoughtful discussion about Madrid from a tour guide’s perspective. This peeling-back-of-the-curtain view convinced me to ask Sonia to organize my next trip to Japan. As it turns out, Sonia is very knowledgeable about Japan and even speaks Japanese. The trip that Sonia and her very capable team organized for me was excellent. I enjoyed the entire trip. The hotels were first rate, the tours were interesting (from vendors I had never heard of), and all the detail were well organized and captured in a very easy-to-use app that I could access from my phone. The app itinerary also included very interesting tips on what to see and do. All I had to do was show up and enjoy it. I highly recommend Sonia’s services and I plan to have her organize more trips.

Submitted by William Bilsland on 16/12/2023

How to holiday without the stress!

We have not used a travel agent before , at least not independently , only through the occasional tour we have booked in the past. So our experience with Sonia Jones Travel has definitely converted us to not doing anything big on our own again. The hard work was done for us & everything worked like clockwork so thank you so much for our wonderful, stress free holiday. 

Submitted by Morag & Geoff White on 27/10/2023

Brilliant Agent Experience

I’ve booked several trips with Sonia, but the most recent has been a dream post-Covid family holiday to Japan. One of those ‘stuff it, we are going there’ type of holidays that we have to keep affordable. We gave a few potential dates and a rough idea of what we were looking for, but being newbies to the country we’ve hugely appreciated Sonia’s deep knowledge of the country and the ‘little things’ that make the difference between a fudged self-planned itinerary and something really exciting. An example was her teaching us about how easy it is to transfer baggage between hotels in any part of Japan, really cheaply, that means we’re able to take a few days doing some more adventurous travel that I’d imagined possible whilst lugging round multiple suitcasesThe result of this type of thing – and more – has led to a really exciting trip for us. I couldn’t recommend Sonia any more, who has also booked my travel to Greece, the UK and the USA. Each has been so well planned and managed. 

Submitted by Richard Taylor on 26/03/2023

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