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Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is quite possibly the best holiday when it comes to getting creative with your look. Anything goes, and the more outrageous and outstanding the better. It’s the perfect time to really experiment with make-up. See how creative you can be and test your skills!

At this time of year I love doing some online research to see what other make-up enthusiasts out there have been doing. Halloween is all about having fun and being daring, so this year why not try a new Halloween make-up look. Dig out your sponges and your face paints and transform yourself for one night only, with our top picks of Halloween make-up looks, complete with step by step guides-

1. Skeleton

Skeleton Halloween makeup

Image Credits: Anjelika Temple

If you’re thinking of channelling your inner skeleton this Halloween, no skeleton look would be complete with out a kick ass make-up look. Here’s how to create an impressive skeleton look:

1. First things first, prep the skin! You’ll be using heavy make-up and it needs to be applied to a clean and smooth base. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Avoid using a primer as some can sit on top of the skin rather than sink in, and face paints sit better on natural skin.

2. Once your moisturiser has sunk in you’re ready to get started. Take a clean make-up sponge and dip into a white face paint. Apply to the face using a buffing motion. Make sure the white is more concentrated in the centre of the face, don’t worry about your eyelids as you’re going to black these out.

3. The end result will be an all whitened face, with some skin tone still showing a little towards the outer corners of your face.

4. Next take a clean mineral make-up brush, our large shader eye make-up brush works brilliantly, as it’s small enough to create detail and soft to use for shading. Apply a little black face paint to the brush and begin to build up the colour.

5. Start with the areas you want to completely black out. To create the look above shade around the eyes, blocking out the eyelids, up to the eyebrows, and underneath the eyes. Think about your bone structure and follow the hollow of your eye socket, blacking out your eyebrows too. Build up the colour until you are happy.

6. Now it’s time to black out your nose. Again follow your bone structure, but also blacking out the tip. Use the shader brush to buff in the paint carefully, building it up to a deep black. Shape carefully around the top of your nose, stopping in line with the bottom of your eyes and finishing with an ‘M’ shape.

Skeleton makeup look

7. Next tackle the hollow of your cheek bones. Starting at your ear suck in your cheeks to reveal the hollow. Using the same brush from the ear start with a large block out that that comes out and tucks in under your cheek bone. Then start to angle down towards your mouth in a thinner line. You will feel where your mouth starts, you need to black out the gap in between your jaw, curling up and finishing just above your mouth.

8. Next add some detail. Your lips should be white and you’ll need to add some ‘teeth.’ Take a thin brush, our precise bent eye-liner brush is perfect. Dip the end into your black paint and brush vertical lines along the top and bottom lip.

9. Add some shading, paint in short lines coming up from the eyebrows, black out along the hair line on one side, and paint in a few lines along the temples.

10. For a super dark look take a deep black lose powder shadow and apply with a soft brush to the completely blacked out areas such as the nose and eyes.

Tip: Spray a little hair spray from a distance over your face to help stop colour rubbing off and onto clothes. Click to Tweet!

2. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

Day of the dead make-up has been becoming increasingly popular at Halloween, and allows you to get even more creative with make-up, using colour and various techniques.

Create the perfect day of the dead make-up look, complete with pin up hair to really impress this Halloween-

day of the dead makeup tutorial

Image Credits: Beautylish

1. Sugar skull make-up can either be done with a white base or a skin tone base. For a more dramatic and deadly look go for a white base, blocking out the skin with white face paint applied with a sponge. For a more decorative but natural look opt for a foundation base, applied with a foundation brush for an even cover, check out some foundation brushes here.

2. Once you have applied your base next you need to complete your black out areas. Using a small soft brush black out the sockets of the eyes, going over and slightly above the eyebrows using a black face paint. Do the same with the tip of your nose, creating a heart like shape and drawing two lines up the nose a little on either side. Also black out the dip that’s between the nose and mouth.

3. Take a thinner brush such as the Nanshy precise bent eye-liner brush. From the corners of your mouth draw a thin line up and towards your ears, stopping just before you reach the edge of your face. Do this on both sides.

4. Using the same brush draw vertical lines from above your top lip to under your bottom lip. This creates a ‘sewn’ effect. Do these in a line along your mouth and along the lines you have drawn extending out from your mouth for about an inch along.

5. Next add some detail using a little colour. Choose soft colours such as pale pinks, greens and greys for a subtle look, or bright colours such as reds and blues for a bold look. A sugar skull should be complete with swirls, roses, and lacing.

6. Start by drawing the outline of a rose on your chin using a grey liner pencil. Fill in with your chosen colours using a soft brush. Add some detail to your cheeks using the grey liner pencil, opting for a swirl or elaborate looking lines.

7. Add detail to the eyes, taking a black eye liner pencil and drawing a circle around your blacked out sockets, leaving a 1cm gap. Create a lacing effect by adding small semi circles all the way around on the outside of the circle.

8. Next add detail to the forehead, creating a spider web effect. Draw five lines using your grey liner, starting in between the eyebrows going upwards and out across the forehead, then link together drawing lines across horizontally.

9. Finally finish with a touch of glitter, using it to bring out the details. Barry M Glitter Fix Gel works brilliantly. To add an extra bit of sparkle apply some face gems around the eyes and to the web.

Tip: Wear hair in plaits wrapped up around the head to accentuate the make-up look.Click to Tweet!

3. Living Doll

Possibly one of the creepiest looks going, the ‘living doll’ look is a sure why to freak people out this Halloween. A ‘prettier’ look than many Halloween make-up styles, the living doll make-up allows you to play on your own natural features, find out how here-

Doll makeup look

Image Credits: Hannah Leigh

1. The doll look requires a flawless base. Start with a primer and let it sink in. Apply concealer using a Conceal Perfector brush, apply under the eyes, around the nose and cover any blemishes.

2. Next apply your foundation using a foundation brush, apply a little heavier than you would usually, making sure your skin tone is completely even. Set with a pale powder using a Kabuki make-up brush.

3. Brush smooth and fill in your brows using a pencil, setting with a brow wax. The doll look requires perfection, so eyebrows must have a strong arch and be smooth.

4. The next step is to make your eyes look double their size. First take a white eye-liner and fill in your bottom lid. Using the same pencil shade in the underneath of your eyes, this is to create a look of the whites of the eyes to make the lower lid look like it is much further down. Use the same pencil to carefully block out the colour in your lower lashes too.

5. Take a black liquid eye-liner and draw on a new lower lash line along the edge of the white under the eyes. Draw on individual lashes too. Next apply a shadow to the top lid, blue or purple are great choices. Shade high up into the socket using a shading eyeshadow brush. To finish the eyes apply a little mascara followed by a set of full false lashes to each eye.

6. Next you will need to create a doll like mouth, complete with a sewn lips look. Using the same foundation you used for your base block out your lips so they are the same colour as your skin. Next apply a lipstick to the middle of the lips, leaving the sides flesh coloured. A red or a pink works best.

7. Take a black pencil liner and draw a line from the outer corners of the mouth up towards the ears, stopping just before. Add crosses and vertical lines along the line to create a sewn mouth effect.

Tip: Wear hair in bunches or plaits for an authentic ‘doll’ look.Click to Tweet!


These are my top picks for Halloween make-up for 2014, what are your favourite looks? Let me know by commenting below and make sure you mention what look you’ll be going for this Halloween!

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Remember to take the chance to get really creative with make-up this year. Happy Halloween!

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