Top 8 hidden holiday gems for 2024

As the twinkling lights of the 2023 holiday season fade into cherished memories, you might find yourself already dreaming about where the festive spirit will take you in 2024. For many travelers, the allure of exploring new destinations during the holidays is irresistible. It’s a time to experience the warmth of different cultures, discover how the festive season is celebrated around the globe, and create new memories. Whether it’s the joy of a white Christmas in a snowy wonderland, the excitement of vibrant holiday markets, or the serenity of a tropical escape, each destination offers its own unique blend of traditions, celebrations, and enchanting atmospheres. So, let your imagination wander to corners of the world where the magic of the holidays awaits, and read on for our recommendations for unforgettable holiday adventures.

The allure of the road less traveled

By choosing lesser-known destinations, you avoid the tourist crowds. This allows for a more relaxed and intimate experience, where you can truly soak in the atmosphere and spirit of the place. These destinations offer a deeper cultural immersion. You’re not just an observer but become part of the local way of life, even if just for a short while. Off-the-beaten-path destinations also often preserve the most authentic and unique holiday traditions. Whether it’s a centuries-old festival or a local custom, these experiences are as genuine as they are unforgettable.
Exploring less-visited destinations also aligns with responsible and sustainable travel practices. It helps distribute tourism benefits to places that might not usually receive them, supporting local economies and communities.

Discovering hidden holiday gems

Now, as you ponder where to venture for the 2024 festive season, let me introduce you to some extraordinary destinations. Each offers a unique way to celebrate the holidays, away from the typical tourist trails, and promises an experience that is both unique and memorable.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus, is a true winter wonderland. In December, the city is enveloped in a thick blanket of snow, transforming it into a scene straight out of a Christmas card. The days are short, with a mystical twilight hue, but the darkness is often illuminated by the mesmerizing Northern Lights. The main attraction is Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa himself, cross the Arctic Circle, and send postcards from Santa’s official post office. The village is adorned with festive decorations and filled with the spirit of Christmas. You can also enjoy reindeer sleigh rides, husky safaris, and snowmobile tours.

Rovaniemi is perfect for families and anyone who loves the magic of Christmas. It’s also a great destination for those seeking a unique winter experience with opportunities to witness the Northern Lights.

Where to stay

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel: This hotel offers a blend of luxury and nature with its unique treehouse suites, providing stunning views of the Northern Lights. It’s perfect for nature lovers and couples looking for a romantic winter getaway.

Salzburg, Austria

This picturesque city, while a bit more mainstream, still makes it onto the list due to its unique celebrations. Salzburg is renowned for its traditional Krampus Runs, where locals dressed as Krampus, a horned figure from folklore, parade through the streets. The city’s Christmas markets also add to the experience, as they are filled with local crafts, foods, and mulled wine.

Salzburg is perfect for those looking for a unique holiday experience while still enjoying a traditional European Christmas atmosphere.

Where to stay

Hotel Sacher Salzburg: A historic luxury hotel on the banks of the Salzach River, known for its timeless elegance and famous Sacher-Torte. It is perfect for those seeking a classic and sophisticated stay.

Hotel Goldener Hirsch: A charming hotel rich in history, located in the Old Town, showcasing traditional Salzburg style. It is the perfect base for experiencing the city’s historic charm.

Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø, located in the Arctic Circle, is a city where the sun doesn’t rise for part of December, known as the Polar Night. Despite the darkness, the city has a lively atmosphere with snow-covered streets and twinkling lights. Tromsø hosts charming Christmas markets and concerts. The Polar Night provides a unique backdrop for viewing the Northern Lights. Visitors can also indulge in winter activities like dog sledding, whale watching, and Arctic fjord tours.

Adventure seekers and nature lovers will find Tromsø captivating. It’s also ideal for those interested in experiencing a unique Polar Night phenomenon and the Northern Lights.

Where to stay

Scandic Ishavshotel: Scandic Ishavshotel, renowned for its stunning waterfront location, offers breathtaking views of the Tromsø harbor, the Arctic Cathedral, and on clear nights, the mesmerizing Northern Lights. It’s the perfect choice for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and anyone looking to experience the unique Polar Night phenomenon and the Northern Lights in one of the most beautiful cities in the Arctic Circle.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, becomes a fairy-tale setting in December. The medieval architecture covered in snow and the festive decorations create an enchanting atmosphere. The Tallinn Christmas Market in the Town Hall Square is a highlight, known for its cozy feel, traditional Estonian Christmas food, hand-crafted gifts, and the beautiful Christmas tree. The city also hosts various Christmas concerts and events.

Tallinn is a great fit for history buffs and those who appreciate medieval architecture. It’s also ideal for travelers looking for a less crowded yet charming Christmas market experience.

Where to stay

Schlössle Hotel: A 5-star boutique hotel in a historic building, offering luxurious accommodations with a medieval charm. Perfect for immersing in the historic elegance of Tallinn

Hotel Telegraaf: A charming hotel in a 19th-century building, blending history with modern comforts in Old Town. It offers a blend of historical ambience and contemporary luxury perfect for romantic getaways.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In December, this UNESCO World Heritage city combines its colonial charm with festive cheer. The pleasant weather adds to the enjoyment of exploring its colorful streets and historic buildings. San Miguel de Allende offers a unique blend of traditional Mexican festivities and religious observances. The highlight is the Christmas Posadas, reenactments of Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter. The city is filled with processions, piñatas, and fireworks.

Cultural enthusiasts and those interested in experiencing a blend of religious traditions and Mexican culture will find San Miguel de Allende captivating during the festive season.

Where to stay

Rosewood San Miguel de Allende: An elegant, colonial-style hotel offering luxurious amenities and stunning views of the city. It is perfect for families and travelers seeking the ultimate in luxury and colonial charm.

Casa de Sierra Nevada: A collection of historic buildings turned into a boutique hotel, featuring individually decorated rooms and local art. Perfect for experiencing San Miguel’s cultural heritage in an intimate setting.

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Known for its rock-hewn churches, Lalibela in December is a pilgrimage site for the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas, Genna, celebrated in January. The weather is dry and cool, ideal for exploring. Genna is marked by special church services and rituals. Pilgrims dressed in white gather around the rock-hewn churches, creating a solemn and spiritual atmosphere. Traditional games and dances are also part of the celebration.

Lalibela is perfect for travelers interested in religious history and cultural immersion. It’s a unique experience for those seeking a spiritual journey or a deeper understanding of Ethiopian Orthodox traditions.

Where to stay

Sora Lodge Lalibela: Perched on a scenic hillside overlooking the historic town of Lalibela in Ethiopia, Sora Lodge Lalibela offers a serene and culturally rich experience. It’s an ideal stay for those seeking a spiritual journey, cultural immersion, or a peaceful retreat in one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world.

Goa, India

Goa in December is a blend of warm weather, beautiful beaches, and festive fervor. The state, with its Portuguese heritage, celebrates Christmas with great enthusiasm. Goa’s churches are beautifully lit and hold midnight masses. The streets are alive with lights and decorations. Beach parties, fireworks, and live music are common, offering a lively holiday atmosphere.

Goa is ideal for beach lovers and party-goers. It’s also great for those interested in experiencing a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese Christmas traditions.

Where to stay

The St. Regis Goa Resort: The St. Regis Goa Resort is a luxurious sanctuary that offers an exquisite blend of Goa’s rich cultural heritage and the unparalleled sophistication of the St. Regis brand. This resort is a haven for those seeking a blend of relaxation, luxury, and cultural immersion in one of India‘s most beloved destinations.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, known for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture, takes on a special charm in December. The mild climate makes exploring its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings enjoyable. The highlight is ‘La Quema del Diablo’ (Burning of the Devil) on December 7th, symbolizing the elimination of evil spirits. The city also has elaborate nativity scenes, processions, and traditional dances.

Antigua is a must-visit for those interested in unique cultural traditions and historical architecture. It’s also great for photographers and cultural explorers.

Where to stay

El Convento Boutique Hotel: A former convent turned into a luxurious boutique hotel, offering a blend of colonial elegance and modern comforts. Perfect for a luxurious stay in a historic setting.

Mesón Panza Verde: Renowned for its artistic flair and romantic ambiance, this boutique hotel offers a unique stay in the heart of Antigua. It is the ideal stay for art-loving couples.

Early booking: The key to a dream holiday

Now that you’ve chosen your dream destination, it is time to plan your trip. Start by securing your accommodations. Festive Season (late November to early January) is one of the most popular travel times for tourists around the world. Booking a year in advance isn’t too early, especially for boutique hotels or specific types of lodging, like ice hotels in Finland or heritage homes in Goa.

When it comes to flights, timing is everything. Generally, booking your flights approximately 3 to 6 months in advance can help you snag the best deals. Keep an eye on flight prices and set alerts on travel apps to stay informed about price drops.

Don’t forget to book unique local experiences, like sleigh rides in Rovaniemi or a midnight mass in Goa. These experiences often have limited availability and are an integral part of the holiday magic. Utilize local contacts or travel advisors who can provide insights and access to experiences that aren’t available through mainstream channels.

Happy holidays!

Embarking on a holiday journey to any of these destinations isn’t just about the celebration; it’s about immersing yourself in the culture, traditions, and festive spirit of a place. Whether it’s the historic churches of Lalibela or the Krampus Runs of Salzburg, each destination offers a unique window into the world’s diverse ways of celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. So, as you plan for the 2024 festive season, consider stepping off the beaten path to discover the unique joys these destinations hold. Happy planning, and may your holiday travels be filled with wonder and discovery!

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