Top 5: Best Eye Makeup Remover on a Budget 2024

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Best budget eye makeup removers

If you need a fast, effective eye makeup remover but you don’t want to blow the budget then read on. It can be hard to judge which products are low in cost but high in performance and which simply aren’t up to the job. Here’s a round up of the top picks of the best eye makeup remover products that won’t break the bank.

Do you need a separate Eye Makeup Remover?

If you are happy to use your regular cleanser to get your eye makeup off, and you feel like it does the job, then you probably don’t need a separate cleanser for this.

However, if you have sensitive eyes or often feel like you wake up with panda eyes the next morning, finding a product that works could be just what you need. I often like to use one because I don’t like my mascara and eyeshadow spreading all over my face when I take everything off at once.

When I use an eye makeup remover to take off the majority of the ‘gunk’ off first, cleansing feels like much more of a neat process. Having said, that, I often just get accept that the first cleanse is a bit of a messy one!

Best Eye Makeup Remover for Waterproof Makeup on a budget

Best Eye Makeup Remover on a Budget - Nivea
Best Eye Makeup Remover on a Budget – Nivea

The Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover is such good stuff!! I just shake it up and squeeze a few drops onto a couple of cotton pads and it literally melts away makeup with no need to rub the delicate eye area at all. If feels really soothing and leaves my eye area feeling quenched, hydrated and super calm. And it completely gets every last scrap of makeup and dirt. It’s brilliant.


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Best Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes on a budget

Best eye makeup remover on a budget -  L'Oreal Paris Absolute
Best eye makeup remover on a budget – L’Oreal Paris Absolute

The L’Oreal Paris Absolute Eye & Makeup Remover Eye & Lip is great if you wear a lot of waterproof mascara but also have sensitive eyes.

It removes absolutely everything with no tugging and leaves my skin soft and hydrated without being greasy. It’s suitable for sensitive eyes and waterproof makeup. Plus it’s absolutely brilliant for removing long lasting lipsticks too.

Best Eye Makeup Remover for Dry Skin on a budget

Spring Skincare 2022 Routine - Garnier Micellar Water
Best eye makeup remover – Garnier Micellar

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is amazing for taking off all makeup and it’s super gentle and non-stripping, so it’s ideal for dry skin.

Those with dry and sensitive, eczema prone skin get on very well with it and it doesn’t irritate eyes. It’s effective on all types of makeup including waterproof.

I have had this in my skincare arsenal for years.

Best Eye Makeup Remover for Delicate Lashes on a budget 

Best Eye Makeup Remover on a Budget - Garnier
Best Eye Makeup Remover on a Budget – Garnier

The Garnier Skin Naturals 2-in-1 Eye Make-Up Remover is really gentle but works brilliantly.

You need to give it a good shake to mix it, then apply a generous amount to a pad to gently lift away waterproof make-up, without rubbing, over-drying the skin. It has been formulated to protect eyelashes, so it’s the perfect choice if yours are delicate.

Best Eye Makeup Remover with no residue on a budget

Best Eye Makeup Remover on a Budget - La Roche Posay
Best Eye Makeup Remover on a Budget – La Roche Posay

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is a real winner because it’s super effective on all types of makeup, but doesn’t leave any greasy feeling behind.

It’s gentle on sensitive eyes, yet it removes all traces of eye makeup. It doesn’t leave a greasy film over the eyes which is really important to lots of beauty junkies. Read the full review here.

Which do you think are the best budget eye makeup removers? If there’s one I have missed, please let me know! The best place to chat is Instagram!

What is the best way to remove makeup without damaging the skin?

The key here is to do everything very gently. If you have long wear or waterproof eye makeup it is very important to take your time over removal. I recommend soaking a cotton pad in your chosen remover, and then placing it over the eyes and hold it still to let it start melting the makeup before you wipe. This should loosen any stubborn pigment and then you can sweep it away. Repeat if necessary.

How do you get stubborn eyeliner off?

The best way to do this is to remove all your eye makeup in the normal way, taking the time to let your eye makeup remover start to work on the makeup before you start rubbing. If the eye liner is still sticking along the lash line, soak a cotton bud in remover and gently work it along the area until it is clean.

What is the easiest way to remove eyeliner?

Some eyeliners may require double cleansing. An oil or balm cleanser will be good to get off the bulk of makeup, whilst a micellar water or lighter cleanser can remove anything that is left over.

Is micellar water safe for my eyes?

Micellar Water is gentle and light enough for sensitive eyes. You always need to be careful when working with the eye areas as the skin is more delicate there, and Micellar waters are designed to lift away impurities without any harsh scrubbing.

How do you remove eye makeup without damaging your eyelashes?

The best approach is to go gently and slowly. Don’t rub or scrub the eye area and be sure to let plenty of your eye makeup remover soak in before gently wiping from root to tip.

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