Tips for Creating the Right Event Atmosphere

Tips for Creating the Right Event Atmosphere
Whether you’re planning a business event or a wedding, the right atmosphere is crucial. These tips will help you create a warm, welcoming venue for guests.

Creating the perfect event requires many crucial steps, not the least of which is establishing the right mood. Whether it’s a business event or something more personal like a wedding shower, these tips for creating the right event atmosphere will still apply. Don’t forget that—depending on the state of the pandemic when you’re reading this—you must prioritize COVID-19 safety precautions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize the evening’s atmosphere, too.

Friendly Staff

From the host or hostesses to the waiters, all your event staff should welcome guests to the venue with attentive service, a friendly demeanor, and a bright smile. Good attitudes and communication skills are essential attributes for event staff. For example, if there’s an issue with a guest, such as an incorrect food order, your guest might feel frustrated. Luckily, friendly and attentive staff can significantly reduce the guest’s stress, keeping the atmosphere as light as it should be.

Hiring friendly staff is one of the best tips for creating the right event atmosphere because it solves a problem that not even stunning décor can fix. Still, that doesn’t mean décor adds nothing to your event space.

Decor Decisions

Unfortunately, most venues (even gorgeous ones) require some extra touching up. These touch-ups, which you can do with some delightful decor, will help you personalize the event to your theme and audience.

Creative decor that can help you set the right tone might include pipe-and-drape displays, signage (for company logos), chairs, flowers, sculptures, balloons—the list is seemingly endless. That said, which decor you should choose ultimately relies on what’s best for your event’s theme and venue. For instance, sheer voile drapes can be the perfect decor for your event under the right circumstances.

Background Music

Some good ambient background music is critical for setting the right mood at events. However, to choose the right tunes, consider your event’s purpose and, more importantly, the guests attending. Will some smooth jazz or calming classical set the right tone, or will some modern pop hits better appeal to your attendees?

Suffice it to say, modern pop can feel out of place at business events, and Beethoven isn’t a go-to for weddings, but always lean into your audience. At the end of the day, this atmosphere is for them, so keep your audience in mind as you put together the perfect playlist. Additionally, be mindful of your music volume—too loud is obnoxious, but too low is useless.

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