This is Your Fight Song: Fabulous Scottish Cover

This song is a very inspiring and empowering anthem for anyone who is facing challenges or struggles in life. It is about finding your inner strength and fighting for what you believe in, even if others don’t support you. It is also about overcoming self-doubt and fear, and expressing yourself with courage and confidence.

The first time I heard this song, I was amazed by Rachel Platten’s voice and the catchy melody. I also felt a surge of emotion and motivation, as if the song was speaking to me personally. I think this song has a universal appeal, because everyone can relate to the message of resilience and hope.

The video below is a beautiful cover of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” by The Piano Guys, a musical group that combines classical and pop music. They performed the song with a Scottish twist, using bagpipes, drums, and a cello. They also filmed the video in a beautiful scenery of Scotland, featuring Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie, cliffs, and lakes.

The video was uploaded on October 29, 2015, and has over 50 million views as of February 2024. It has received many positive comments from viewers who praised the musicianship, the arrangement, and the scenery. Some viewers also shared their personal stories of how the song inspired them to overcome their challenges.

I hope you found it enjoyable and uplifting. 😊

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