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Hello from Augusta, Georgia! On Thursday afternoon, Ryan, the boys, Pepper and I made the 3+ hour drive to Georgia to the house we’re calling home for the next few days. We’re staying in Augusta with my sister and her family and my parents because Ryan and my brother-in-law are participating in the Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman on Sunday morning. It will be my brother-in-law’s first Half Ironman and we cannot wait to cheer for our guys! It’s going to be a H-O-T one on race day but thankfully it looks like it will at least be dry. Let’s just say I’m glad my job is spectating and cheering this weekend. Haha!

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Lucky’s First Field Trip

Our plans to take Lucky, our family’s leopard gecko, to Chase’s school last Friday were postponed to Tuesday this week because Chase’s teacher was sick on Friday. The delay was worth the wait because Tuesday was, hands down, my favorite day of the week this week! The timing of various appointments and commitments I had on my calendar on Tuesday meant Lucky had to come with me to the dentist and to an ice cream party at Chase and Ryder’s preschool (I didn’t trust her cage in the car for a long period of time because it was 80 degrees outside) and I laughed an awful lot on Tuesday, especially when my dentist eyed Lucky and deadpanned, “Well, that’s the first time we’ve had one of those in here.”

(Jeans: Target / Tank: Target / Necklaces: Amazon — colorful beaded necklace + paperclip chain necklace / Bracelets: Target + Etsy / Crossbody Bag: Amazon) 

Chase absolutely beamed when Rhett, Ryder and I walked through the door with Lucky in her travel cage. His teacher had Chase sit up at the front of the class at tell his classmates all about Lucky and leopard geckos and I was so incredibly proud of him, especially when he told me he felt really nervous right before he started talking. He did an amazing job answering questions (his animal knowledge will never not impress me) and his classmates were all so curious, respectful and excited to meet his favorite reptile. It was a great day.

Over the summer one of my friends told me about a packing hack she uses for her twins when traveling. She said she used a shoe organizer and rolled up individual outfits for her kids (the whole outfit together — shirt, shorts, underwear, socks) and put the outfits in the various pockets. She then rolled up the shoe organizer and packed it in a suitcase or an extra large duffel bag. I was instantly intrigued because while I love packing cubes, sometimes things can shift around and feel a little sloppy. Packing cubes are great in their own right (and I still use them for myself) but this shoe organizer packing hack is the JAM for kid stuff. I am never looking back!! I used it when we went to Florida for two weeks over the summer and I’m using it again this weekend. It makes it so easy to find exactly what you need and especially makes it easy to unpack when you arrive. Just unroll, hang in a closet or over a door and you’re good to go!

gold name bracelet

I love delicate gold bracelets, especially when they’re layered up for a little party on my wrist, and couldn’t resist this name bracelet when I saw it on Etsy. It’s beautiful and comfortable and I wanted to share it here as well as I think it would make a wonderful gift over the holidays for especially for newlyweds, mothers, grandmothers and pet moms out there!

My rating: B-

This book was an interesting one to me because the narrator of the novel is a 15-year-old girl. The author absolutely nails the voice of a teenager which I mean as a compliment but in the same breath it made the book feel a little too juvenile to me. It felt a little all over the place (much like a teenager’s brain!) and incomplete and the ending in particular felt a little too abrupt. I understand the book is part of a trilogy and I’m sure that had something to do with the ending but as someone who has read many series, I think it says a lot when the author concludes a book in a way that leaves the reading wanting more without feeling frustrated. I didn’t like the book enough to keep reading the series but I am planning to check out the show on Amazon Prime next because I’ve heard great things about it!

The book flashes back between past summers and the present-day summer through 15-year-old Belly’s perspective. She loves everything about visiting Cousins Beach with her family. She loves spending the summer with Susannah, her mom’s best friend and, above all, she loves her time with Susannah’s sons, Jeremiah and Conrad. She grew up with the boys and they’ve been everything to her from her closest friends to her first kiss (on a dare) and now that she’s returning to the beach looking more grown up than ever, she’s hoping something more might be in store.

High Protein Oat Bran (If you love Cream of Wheat, this oat bran is a deliciously creamy alternative with a nice boost of protein — 27 grams!)

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5 Thrive Market Hauls (For fellow Thrive Market fans, this blog post highlights 5 orders featuring a lot of our Thrive staples.)

Thrive Market Hauls

Question of the Day

What is one thing making you smile this week? 

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