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Hello friends and welcome to a precursor episode to next week’s Dining with The Dame.  We will be focussing on Evil Under The Sun in both weeks. This week is just me.  But, next week’s post will feature a very special collab with a very special person!  More about that at the end of the post.  Today we are drinking with the Dame with the delightfully named Ginger Tingle. The recipe comes from The Australian Hostess Cookbook (1969).

Ginger Tingle1

Arlena Marshall

As soon as I read the name, I knew I wanted to dedicate The Ginger Tingle to Arlena Marshall from Evil Under The Sun.  Arlena – is a gorgeous redhead (hence the ginger) and full of sex appeal (hence the tingle). I”m nothing if not subtle! 😜

Here is Arlena’s entrance into the story:

Her arrival had all the importance of a stage entrance.  

Moreover, she walked as though she knew it.  There was no self-consciousness apparent.  It would seem that she was too used to the invariable effect her presence produced.

She was tall and slender.  She wore a simple backless white bathing dress and every inch of her exposed body was tanned a beautiful even shade of bronze.  She was as perfect as a statue.  Her hair was a rich flaming auburn, curling richly and intimately into her neck…the whole effect of her was one of youth, of superb and triumphant vitality” 

Arlena Stuart Marshall as played by Diana Rigg
Arlena Marshall as played by Diana Rigg

 I intentionally left out a bit of that quote that said “Her face had that slight hardness which is seen when thirty years have come and gone” .  On behalf of women of a certain age, everywhere, none of us need that! Or, in the words of another lovely redhead:


I also wanted to feature Arlena because she is treated incredibly harshly in the novel.  She is not only the murder victim but she is also resoundingly and almost universally slut-shamed throughout the book:

“Now to my mind, that woman’s a personification of evil.  She’s a bad lot through and through”

“Such women are a menace – a menace to — “

“There’s a type of woman who likes smashing up homes”

“She’s the world’s first gold digger.  And a man-eater as well.  If anything personable in trousers comes within a hundred yards of her, it’s fresh sport for Arlena.  She’s that kind.”

Even the police inspecting her murder have noting good to say about her:

“Ï should say that a lady like her would -well, would make some pretty bad enemies”

Arlena reminded me of another misunderstood readhead.

One of the remarkable things about Evil Under The Sun is that we mostly hear about Arlena.  We rarely hear from her. Arlena’s own motivations are intentionally omitted (I believe) to build a picture of her as seen through the eyes of other people.   Only the more astute guests at Jolly Roger Hotel see her for what she truly is – a victim – of an unscrupulous murderer, gossip from other guests, and ultimately, her own foolishness. Christie does this with an absolutely deft touch that reveals a writer at the top of her game!

The Recipe – Ginger Tingle

Ginger Tingle recipe1

Now if you wanted to add a little splash of gin or vodka into the mix, be my guest!  The Ginger Tingle however a lovely refreshing soft drink and would be perfect to sip under the sun as is. Either way let’s raise a toast to Arlena!  

Ginger Tingle2

Next Week’s Dining The Dame

I am absolutely delighted that next week’s post will be a collaboration with Jenny from the fabulous blog Silver Screen Suppers.  Why  not grab a copy of Evil Under The Sun or watch the Poirot episode based on the book and join us for some fun (and evil) under the sun! 

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