The Friday Bulletin. September 22, 2023

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I recently came across a clipping I’ve had since 2015.  It is three quick exercises that can help us gauge our strength and wellness. They are:

The Sitting-Rising Test 

While standing, cross your ankles and lower yourself to a seated position with your legs still crossed. Then stand up again, without touching or leaning on anything around you including your own leg or knee. Now try to switch how your legs are crossed.  It is a good test of musculoskeletal fitness. For a video, click here.

The Smell Test

Do this with another person, who should NOT let you see what you are smelling. See if you can identify the following odors:  peppermint, fish, orange, rose and leather.  Your companion may add in some other odors to throw you off. Scientists aren’t clear what the connection is between smell and longevity, but there definitely is one.

The Reaction Time Test

Find a reaction time test online that asks you to click a button in response to a particular action.  I took the Sheep Reaction Time Test where every time a sheep tried to leave the herd I shot a tranquilizing dart as fast as I could. The test results may be associated with the overall health of your cardiovascular system.


Invisible Danger Prank

I usually HATE pranks and practical jokes that are embarrassing to people.  My daughters find this one hilarious, and I must admit, I do as well.  It began as a TikTok series where an unsuspecting companion – spouse, friend, family member – is led to believe there is some kind of imminent danger, usually from some kind of small creature that is not easily visible.



It’s called Revenge Travel and we are in the midst of it now.  It is Americans making up for missed trips during the pandemic.  A recent survey showed that 77% of those surveyed said that in 2023 they’re planning to spend the same or more on trips abroad than they did in 2022, with almost half (41%) planning on spending more.

If you are planning a trip, here is an interesting travel tip. Sign up for destination-specific alerts before you embark on a trip. Travelers may list their trip with the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  STEP will notify travelers of natural disasters, riots, protests and other civil unrest, or family emergencies while traveling.  For no charge, travelers may enter addresses and phone numbers for each destination during their trip.  Travelers can also sign up for a potential destination being considered in the future.

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