The Best Planners for Bloggers: From Idea to Publication

Get your content organized with one of our recommended planners for bloggers.

Discover how to stay organized as a blogger by making use of either one of the many free options listed here, such as the popular Trello platform, which can help you keep tasks organized.

This said some of the best blogging planners do come at a cost; expect to pay US$10-20 for an entry level professional content planner. These typically feature content management, some basic SEO tools and a platform for team coordination. 

While there is no best planner for bloggers, at the end of the list you will find the most advanced platforms, which come with tools like deep learning AI, automated marketing campaigns and more.


Top of our list of best planners for bloggers is Trello, the ideal option for anyone who wants platform that’s free, intuitive and flexible.

More of a general project manager than a dedicated blog planner, Trello is nonetheless ubiquitously used in the amateur blogosphere. The platform itself is really just a series of boards with post lists.

Posts function like cards that can be smoothly moved between boards. There is a wide selection of management tools available for each post, such as setting deadlines and collaborative features.

This brings us to Trello’s greatest strength as a blog post planner; it’s great for multiple users interacting on single projects. So if you’re just starting out as a casual blogger, or looking to build a small team from scratch, then try Trello before investing time and money in an expensive or time consuming blog content planner.

After all, you can always upgrade to one of their premium plans, which run between around US$10-20 a month.


Another excellent free option, Asana is an excellent planner for bloggers working in small teams, with a pleasant to use interfacte for project overviews, assigning roles, deadlines, comments, pooling resources, automation for routine tasks and more.

Like Trello, Asana employs a simple, intuitive (and actually a little fun) drag and drop format. They also throw in a few extra bells and whistles under their monthly plans, with hover at a fairly typical range of US$10-20.


Another general project manager, Notion is arguably the best blog planner for most average bloggers.

It might feel a little one size fits all, but Notion is very easy to learn, share tasks, organize collaborative calendars and assign projects. It has a handful of useful SEO tools, and can help you track everything from hashtags to other content channels.

Notion’s free version is wildly popular, and plans are available for less than US$10 a month.


The premiere social media oriented blogging planner, Hootsuite is commonly used by everyone from influencers to news websites and small businesses. Manage, plan and schedule social media posts over multiple platforms from one screen.

Their duplication feature is particularly popular, allowing you to recycle and repost fresh takes on old material across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Teams can share projects, create ads optimized for social media and track performance across your social media footprint.

It’s no surprise Hootsuite is used by professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, though prices are a little higher than many of its competitors.

Their individual plan is around US$29 a month, and their business plan will set you back around US$600.

dyno mapper

With a strong SEO focus, DYNO Mapper features daily keyword tracking, Google Analytics integration and an intelligent content audit that can help you get the most out of your material.

Another smart feature of DYNO is its accessibility tool, which scans your website and suggests improvements to bring your content in line with US standards for ease of use, including for visually impaired users.

Specifically, its intelligent technology helps bring your website into compliance with both the American Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the crucial Section 508 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. Together, this ensures all users have the best possible experience on your blog.

DYNO also helps you optimize your calendar, generate sitemaps and collaborate across projects.

All this comes at a cost though, as DYNO is easily among the most expensive blogging planners out there.

Prices range from around US$59 to over $300 a month. A free trial version is also available.


With clients like Coca Cola, Universal Studios and EA Games, Monday is often considered the gold standard in content planning. This extremely comprehensive platform offers everything you’ll ever need to manage anything from your personal travel blog to sprawling media empire.

Monday’s automation features are second to none for marketing campaigns and sales processes, not to mention AI-assisted organization of workflow and tasks for employees.

Collaborative spaces allow for real time content editing across multiple platforms, and their content manager is easy to use with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Plans vary depending on team size, starting at US$480 a month for basic plans for individuals, to US$1000 a month for their pro plan. Specialized contracts are available for large enterprise clients.


If you’ve ever wanted to just hand control of your blog over to an artificial intelligence, then Concured might be your newest robot friend. Concured’s AI boasts the ability to engage in deep learning to actually understand your content.

Whether it be text, video or audio, Concured will become your biggest fan by reading your content, comparing it to competitors, suggesting improvements from SEO to style and also offering advice on new content. 

This smart little machine promises to triple your page views and increase your conversion rate by a factor of 10.

Pricing and trials are available on request via Concurd’s personalized demo system. They do, however, make public on their website a return on investment calculator, which purports to estimate how much the AI can save your business based on input data such as page views, average sale value, existing conversion rates and the like.

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