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New Orleans, the city known for its vibrant music, delectable cuisine, and rich cultural heritage, also boasts a darker side—one brimming with tales of restless spirits, voodoo magic, and eerie encounters. Take a thrilling journey into the supernatural that will send shivers down your spine and leave you spellbound.

As the night falls and the city’s streets come alive with the whispers of the past, you’ll find yourself immersed in the enigmatic world of New Orleans’ haunted history. With each tour, you’ll walk in the footsteps of those who once called this city home and listen to their stories as they continue to echo through the ages.

While there are many companies that offer ghost tours in New Orleans, Free Tours By Foot’s French Quarter Ghost Tour is a standout experience that combines rich history with spine-tingling encounters. The tour guides, well-versed in the city’s haunted history, lead you to places like the infamous Andrew Jackson Hotel, known for its eerie occurrences and restless spirits. The tour also takes you through the captivating St. Louis Cemetery, where you can learn all about the mysterious Marie Laveau and the voodoo queen’s connection to the spirit world.

From haunted pub crawls to vampire tours and ghost adventures, this city is a treasure trove of paranormal experiences. Let’s delve into the spine-tingling world of the Crescent City’s haunted history.

Top New Orleans Haunted History Tours

Haunted Pub Crawl

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Picture yourself wandering through the historic French Quarter, the echoes of jazz music drifting in the air. Now, imagine exploring this iconic neighborhood through the lens of the supernatural, all while enjoying a drink or two while you’re on a Haunted Pub Crawl. This New Orleans tour combines the best of both worlds: New Orleans’ rich history and its legendary cocktails.

One of the standout experiences in this category is the “Haunted Pub Crawl” by Free Tours By Foot. This walking tour offers a glimpse into the haunted history of the French Quarter, including ghost stories and eerie legends that have been passed down through generations. It’s the perfect way to soak in the city’s vibrant atmosphere while uncovering its ghostly past. As you traverse the historic streets, you’ll encounter the spirits of New Orleans’ past, and perhaps even enjoy a sip of the infamous “witches’ brew” at one of the haunted pubs.

The tour guides, well-versed in the city’s haunted history, lead you to places like the infamous Andrew Jackson Hotel, known for its eerie happenings and restless spirits. The tour also takes you through the captivating St. Louis Cemetery.

Vampire Tours

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New Orleans has long been associated with vampires, thanks to Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles” and the city’s mysterious ambiance. Vampire Tours in the French Quarter dive deep into this otherworldly fascination, shedding light on the legends and lore that have enshrouded the city in a vampiric mystique.

Gray Line’s Cemetery & Voodoo Tours offer an engaging exploration of New Orleans’ haunted history. While the name suggests a focus on cemeteries and voodoo, it also delves into vampire tales. As you wander through the city’s spooky streets, your guide will regale you with stories of the Casket Girls and the vampire legends that have captured the imaginations of countless visitors. You’ll stroll past the eerie and historic LaLaurie Mansion, famous for its dark history and spectral residents.

The night air is charged with otherworldly energy as you delve into the mysteries of New Orleans’ haunted past, where vampires and voodoo queens once held sway.

Ghost City Tours

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Ghost City Tours is a haunted tour company that is renowned for its immersive and spine-tingling experiences that lead you through some of the most haunted locations in New Orleans. These tours offer an intricate look into the city’s supernatural history, complete with ghost stories, local legends, and eerie encounters. Learn all about the paranormal New Orleans history.

The “Garden District and Cemetery Tour” is a highlight of Ghost City Tours, showcasing the Garden District’s elegant mansions and the otherworldly atmosphere of St. Louis Cemetery. You’ll learn about New Orleans’ haunted history, voodoo practices, and the restless spirits that still inhabit these places. As you explore the city’s historic Garden District, you’ll walk among the grandiose mansions and learn about their haunted histories. You’ll also visit St. Louis Cemetery, a place of mysterious beauty and a final resting place for the city’s departed.

You’ll hear tales of Marie Laveau and her voodoo practices from the tour guides, and even have the chance to visit the tomb of the “Voodoo Queen.” As you wander among the moss-draped oaks and historic mausoleums, you’ll be transported back in time to an era when voodoo and spirits held a profound influence over the Crescent City.

New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours

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Local historians in New Orleans lead the historically authentic Ghost Adventures Tour. You’ll hear firsthand accounts of murder and mayhem in the French Quarter that have been passed down for the past three centuries thanks to the neighborhood’s eerie history! The first tour business in New Orleans to offer ghost tours that educate visitors about the historical background of the stories they’ve heard was New Orleans Ghost Adventures; their excursions are studies rather than narratives.

As a result, there are no dramatic elements (such as people costumed as inebriated pirates). Since historical accuracy is the main focus, there won’t be any people who leap out to frighten you. As a result, in addition to history students and historians, the stories are presented by college professors or high school history teachers.

For those seeking a truly immersive and thrilling experience, the New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours are a must-try. These haunted tours take you on a quest to uncover the city’s most haunted locations and delve into the stories of the restless spirits that call them home.

New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours

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One of the standout ghost tour experiences to be had in New Orleans is the “New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours”. This tour company offers a captivating journey through the French Quarter, delving into the city’s history and its connection to the supernatural. As you navigate the historic streets, you’ll encounter the spirits of New Orleans’ past and hear stories that have been whispered through the centuries. From the eerie tales of haunted mansions to the legends of pirates and spirits wandering the French Quarter, this tour offers an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the Crescent City’s haunted history.

Some of the best ghost tours offered by New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours are:

  • New Orleans Ghost Tour
  • The Garden District Tour
  • Legends & Spirits Cocktail Tour

New Orleans, a city with a history as rich as it is haunting, invites you to explore its spectral side through a variety of ghost tours and adventures. Whether you’re drawn to haunted pub crawls, vampire lore, or a deep dive into the city’s ghostly history, there’s an experience for everyone. These tours will unravel the mysteries of New Orleans’ most haunted locations, offering a glimpse into the spirits that still wander its streets.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey into the unknown, step into the world of New Orleans Ghost Tours. With each step you take through the city’s haunted alleyways and centuries-old mansions, you’ll discover the chilling stories that have made New Orleans one of the most haunted cities in the world. Don’t miss your chance to experience the supernatural side of the Big Easy, where the past and the present collide in a whirlwind of ghostly tales and spooky encounters. Book your New Orleans ghost tour today and get ready to be enchanted by the mysteries that await in this mesmerizing city.


Which Ghost Tour is the best in New Orleans?

The best ghost tours in New Orleans are:

  • Garden District and Cemetery Tour
  • Haunted Pub Crawl by Free Tours By Foot
  • French Quarter Ghost Tour by Free Tours By Foot
  • Legends & Spirits Cocktail Tour

How long is the New Orleans Ghost Tour?

The New Orleans Ghost Tours take approximately two hours each.

Can you tour LaLaurie mansion?

You can visit the mansion, but you cannot enter LaLaurie mansion anymore.

Can you go inside the LaLaurie mansion?

You can visit the mansion, but you cannot enter LaLaurie mansion anymore.

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