The Benefits of Theragun Percussive Therapy!

Percussive therapy has actually been around for a long time, but it was reinvented thanks to the invention of the Theragun.   Most of us have seen or experienced a massage where a therapist delivers rapid taps to the body and know how good this can feel.

Theragun is the world’s first handheld Percussive Therapy Device.  Percussive Therapy can be defined as the rapid and repetitive application of pressure perpendicular to the body.    This percussive stimulus produces tissue pressure and vibration.  The stimulation distracts the brain from pain while delivering deep and effective treatment every time you use it.

The amplitude and frequency with which the Theragun comes on and off the body keeps the brain from acclimating to the stimulus so it keeps working over time.  Amplitude is how far the head of the Theragun moves with each revolution and frequency is how many times per second a revolution is completed.   Amplitude and frequency combined with how much pressure the user or therapist applies determines the level of tissue vibration, pressure and percussive stimulus.

Theragun Percussive Therapy is massage reinvented.   Theragun percussive therapy devices are calibrated with a 16mm amplitude and 40 times per second frequency to reach deep into muscles and stimulate heat and blood flow – helping to bring oxygen in and flush waste products out – improving the health and function of your muscles.  Theragun devices reach 60% deeper into muscle than the typical massage gun.  This means greater therapeutic benefits!

Another great feature of Theragun products is their triangular handles which allow a person to self-administer a customized level of percussive stimulus to almost any area of their body without the need for another person!

Proven benefits of Percussive Therapy include:

Decreased soreness and stiffness

Increased blood flow

Maximizes warm-up and recovery

Decreased Lactic Acid

Enhanced recovery between work sets and intervals allowing a better workout

Ideally Theragun should be used before, during and after your workout.    To learn more about Percussive Therapy and Theragun see a Workout Anytime Coach!    To get a sense of how the Theragun works check out this short video:


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