The 9 Biggest Tattoo Trends of 2024

When you picture ‘80s graphic design motifs, chances are the image you conjure up is of a Memphis pattern — the style characterized by colorful, bold shapes floating in space. “Think Trapper Keeper,” says Haight (or just give the Saved By the Bell opening credits a watch).

“Everyone is welcoming back the nostalgia of late ‘80s and ‘90s design trends,” Haight adds. A Memphis pattern tattoo might include a pastel triangle, a neon green squiggle, and a bright lightning bolt.

Colorful, abstract tattoos are growing in popularity, according to Haight, and these designs don’t typically use much black ink, breaking an “unspoken rule” that any tattoo must be outlined in black. “The thought is that black ink lasts the longest and a tattoo with no outline will be unrecognizable in 20 years,” Haight explains. This might be true, “but the fact of the matter is, people just don’t care as much about that anymore.”

Realism and two-dimensional tattoos, combined

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Bad Bunny’s arm tattoos

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Rules continue to fly out the window with our next trend. Ana Guzman, a tattoo artist in New York City, has noticed clients asking to mix two styles, most commonly two-dimensional tattoos and realism. While realistic tattoos aim to capture the subject as they are in life, two-dimensional art is designed without any depth, for a flat-looking, purposefully unrealistic look. This work steps outside the confines of genre, creating a playful mix of the realistic and the obviously fake. Artists like Bad Bunny are lending more visibility to the trend with the realistic-looking vase and cartoon-esque two-dimensional flowers on his left arm.

Sticker sleeve

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