Sweet Potato Wraps | Living Lou

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You’ll love this delicious sweet potato wrap for easy back-to-school lunches! Made with roasted sweet potatoes, spinach, creamy hummus, smoky chipotle, cheese and crispy bell peppers. This is a hearty vegetarian sandwich that is sturdy enough to make ahead of time.

Half of a wrap on a place with cherry tomatoes and bell peppers.

Here’s a confession: I’m not really a fan of sandwiches. There are so many other foods that I’d choose before a sandwich, but every now and then I discover a sandwich obsession.

Prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato in Italy? Yes, please! Black bean taco wrap? Check!

This is the type of wrap that is perfect for a school lunch box, or a work from home lunch–see my tips below for how to prep this! If I’m eating this at home, I’ll serve it with a classic house salad. For a lunch box, you could pair this with a whole wheat applesauce muffin.