Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

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These Sweet Potato Cupcakes with brown sugar marshmallow frosting are moist, sweet, tender, and downright delicious. If you love Sweet Potato Casserole, then you will love these cupcakes with just the right amount of sweetness for this Fall season.

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Why You’ll Love This Recipe!

These easy Sweet Potato Cupcakes are moist, sweet, tender and downright delicious. With a similar flavor to pumpkin cupcakes, these cupcakes are made with the warm spices of cinnamon and nutmeg and full of sweet potato flavor, these are the perfect dessert for any special occasion this season – they have such a classic fall flavor.

Then there’s the brown sugar marshmallow frosting…oh the frosting is a-mazing! It’s a different texture than regular frosting but not quite like eating a marshmallow either. You basically just have to try it to be a believer!

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sweet potato cupcakes on a tablescape

How to Prepare Fresh Sweet Potatoes

I cooked my fresh sweet potatoes by peeling, chopping and microwaving them in some water. After they were fork tender, I drained the water and mashed. Feel free to try canned sweet potato for this recipe.

How to Make Sweet Potato Cupcakes

For full recipe details, including ingredients and measurements needed, see the printable recipe card down below. Here is step by step what you can expect when making these cupcakes:

sweet potato cupcake ingredients

Preheat Oven + Prep Muffin Tin

Preheat oven to 350° F. Line a muffin tin with 12 cupcake liners and set aside.

muffin tin with paper liners

Combine Sugars + Wet Ingredients

In a large mixing bowl, using a stand mixer or an electric hand mixer, cream coconut oil (or unsalted butter) with both brown and granulated sugars. Stir in egg, egg yolk, vanilla extract and sweet potato. Scrape sides and whip until wet mixture becomes light and fluffy. 

Combine Dry Ingredients

In a separate bowl, stir the dry ingredients (all-purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg) together using a fork or whisk.

Combine Wet + Dry Mixtures

With the mixer on low, alternate mixing in dry ingredients and the milk, into the bowl with the wet ingredients, starting and ending with dry flour mixture.

Once ingredients are all incorporated, mix the batter together by hand to ensure everything is mixed evenly. 

Bake + Allow to Cool

Spoon into prepared muffin tin (filling about 2/3 full) and place into hot oven. Reduce temperature to 325° F and bake 18-22 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean after being inserted. Set aside to cool.

Make the Frosting

Place brown sugar, granulated sugar and water into a small pot. Stir to moisten sugar and place over medium high heat on the stovetop. 

Whip Egg White

In a large bowl, whip egg white and cream of tartar until stiff peaks form. 

whipped egg whites

Combine Hot Sugar Mixture + Whipped Egg White

Once the sugar dissolves in water and starts to bubble (not too violently), set a timer for 1 minute. After the 1 minute timer goes off, remove from heat and stir in marshmallows. Once those have melted, slowly pour the hot sugar mixture into the egg whites while whipping with a hand mixer on medium speed. Continue whipping for 3-5 minutes or until frosting becomes very thick and holds its shape. 

Stir in Vanilla Extract + Scoop Frosting into Piping Bag

Stir in vanilla extract. Immediately (no time to dilly dally with this frosting) scoop frosting into a piping bag and frost all cupcakes. Top with toasted chopped pecans, if desired.

Storing + Make Ahead Directions

Cupcakes should be cooled to room temperature before either frosting or storing. Store in an airtight container with good fitting lid and into the fridge. They will stay fresh for a day or two, but are best enjoyed right away.

Make Ahead – These can easily be made a day before you want to serve them. Once they are frosted, they should be stored in the fridge because of the egg whites used in the frosting.

Freezing – The tender Sweet Potato Cupcakes can be frozen to store for a longer period of time. I would suggest freezing them unfrosted if you can. Then, once you’re ready to pull them out and use, allow them to defrost before frosting.

FAQ + Baking Tips for Sweet Potato Cupcakes

How many cupcakes does this recipe make?

This recipe makes 12 cupcakes.

How do I easily cook a sweet potato? Can I use canned from the grocery store instead?

I cooked my fresh sweet potatoes by peeling, chopping and microwaving them in some water. After they were fork tender, I drained the water and mashed. Feel free to try canned sweet potato puree for this recipe.

Can I substitute pumpkin or butternut squash puree instead?

Yes, ultimately you can. Of course, these wouldn’t be sweet potato cupcakes anymore. 🙂

Do I have to peel the sweet potato for this recipe?

While peeling sweet potatoes for baking is considered optional, you do need to peel a sweet potato when using for cupcakes.

Can I use a different frosting on these cupcakes?

Of course! I would say a Cream Cheese Frosting would work great if you don’t like the taste of marshmallow.

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I hope you try these for your next special occasion, whether it be for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner dessert. These really are the best moist cupcakes! The printable recipe card is below. Have a great day, friends!

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sweet potato cupcakes on a tablescape