Solution For Dry Scaly Skin Patches On Face

Solution For Dry Scaly Skin Patches On Face
By Certaine_mclean.

hi everyone Lady  Boss with Askcute here and today i’m going to be sharing with you how i go through my dry skin morning routine. So the first product i actually use in my dry skin routine for mornings is The tower 28 beauty sos save our skin daily rescue facial spray.

So normally you could totally wash your face in the morning but since i have dry skin i actually just like to splash a little water on it first, and then go in with the spray. This particular spray is amazing for really helping to calm and soothe the skin. There’s only three ingredients in here as well which makes it really great too. If you actually have sensitive skin so it’s not going to over complicate your routine. 

I love how just easy and fine the mist is and i try and coat my entire face and then neck with the mist as well. This is really amazing for dry skin because it really helps to calm and soothe dry irritated skin. 

And the next product i use in my dry skin routine is the glow recipe avocado ceramide redness relief serum. First of all i love the packaging, it is so cute i love that green color so what i like to do is just take a couple of pumps on my fingertips, lightly massage it in and then just work it into my skin so the texture of the serum is extremely extremely lightweight.  

Um so that’s actually really nice especially if you’re going to be wearing a lot of other things in the morning time such as like makeup or spf. Now since this has ceramides in it. It’s actually amazing for dry skin because ceramides actually help your skin to retain water a lot better. 

Solution For Dry Scaly Skin Patches On Face
By Skinfix.

So the next product in my routine is the skin fix barrier triple lipid boost 360 eye cream.  The packaging on this eye cream is really great too because again it’s in a nice little pump top.  So you don’t have to dip your finger in, i’m just going to take one honestly, about a half a pump is really all you need because it has got some nice richness to it. 

And then just on my delicate ring finger i’m going to lightly apply that and again. Since this is a 360 eye cream you can place it all around your entire eye and eyelid. Again my skin doesn’t choose where to be dry it’s literally dry all over. My eyes so this is nice because again i can put it anywhere. Where i have just a little bit drier skin. I like this too because it works really really well to layer with other products. So if you’re about to place concealer over top of this especially for a morning routine, it’s nice because it helps to make the concealer just look a lot smoother and look a lot softer. 

So to really help moisturize my dry parched skin, i’m going to be using the freck beauty rich cactus and vitamin c moisturizer. I’m just gonna squeeze a very small amount out because it is rich, you don’t need a lot. I’m just gonna warm it into my fingertips before i apply it onto my skin. Now like i was saying this moisturizing cream is amazing because it’s very very rich, yet it has a nice lightweight feel. So it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin and again that makes perfect for daytime wear. An extra little added benefit too is that, this has a little vitamin c in it: so not only is it going to help to really soften up my dry dehydrated skin, it’s also going to help to keep it really nice and smooth, young and youthful looking. And side note this smells so good too, it’s like light and cactusy, I don’t know how to describe it. Light and green, light and fresh. 

Solution For Dry Scaly Skin Patches On Face
BY supergoop.

And the final step in my morning routine is to use the super goop mineral shear screen spf 30. Before we apply it again give it a good shake. This spf is amazing because it is sheer and weightless since we have dry skin and we do have to put an immense amount of other products on, to really help balance out that dryness. 

This is a great step because it’s sheer and it doesn’t add an extra thick layer onto the face. So to apply the sunscreen we are going to apply a healthy amount of it on the back of our hand first just so that we can work off that and then kind of use that to apply it evenly across her face. 

And so i always like to start kind of on the high points of the face first. I really just love how quickly this dries down.  If you’re about to apply, you know makeup or anything over top of it. It’s not going to interfere with the formulation at all just in case you decide not to wear foundation over top of this. If you really want it to melt into your skin, just take your fingertips and really press that spf into the skin and it’ll look really nice and soft and natural. Don’t forget your ears, don’t neglect the neck, put a little on there as well. Everywhere the sun is shining all over you, protect all over you. And that’s it, a super simple morning routine for dry skin. So let me know in the comment  section what products you like to use to keep your skin soft.  until next time bye.

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