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Great news for all of you! The first 10 people to read and share this full post, will be invited by me to join me on my next Michelin starred visit. All paid by me, trip and food !!! But please read this article to the end and give me your feedback.

So I was in beautiful Bratislava for 24 hours and this gorgeous restaurant was high on my Slovak list to visit. in case you wish to have a look yourself. This great place, operated and owned by Chef Jakob Röder, is a real treat. The perfect mix of great views, contemporary cooking and still lots of local influences. First have a look at the stunning views by day and night, and after that I will quickly tell you what I ate;

It is clear what is a stock foto and which one is taken by me…. hahaha. But I am here to taste the food, not for taking mobile pictures at night…

As the tasting menu was not available (which is the first mistake), I had to make some tough decisions about what to eat. Already from the start I had trouble with choosing the best Vodka tasting menu and all the amazing unique cocktails they offer. The tasting menu is only available if there are 2 guests at the table…. which is a discrimination for all critics and singles in my opinion…

Wanted to try them all, guess I will have to make em at home now… So this time I started with the “local mule”, based on apple, honey, local beer and local vodka…. hipsy a bit tipsy already… wow! Great way to start. A bit too sweet for a perfect “aperitif” but it was my own mistake… I quickly decided to take 2 things from the tasting menu, followed by another interesting composition;

But before we start, they had a little amuse which was not interesting at all…. raw veggies in “poppie” seeds and curry mayonaise…? I got a bit afraid;

But no worries, it was not half the standard they continued. First course was the duck Consommé, from the tasting menu as well. With descent pieces of duck meat, with celery, carrot and sherry. The broth was days old, which is a positive in my opinion. So rich and full of flavor, deep bittersweet duck tasting in a cup. Even a hinge of star-anice in the back as well as some light touches of cloves and fennel. Also the vegetables nicely cut and shaved on the side;

After this perfect start, I moved on towards the salt crusted trout. To be honest, I expected an old fashioned full fish in the salt crust on my plate… Boy what a surprise this was. It was already in perfect fillets, accompanied by apple, creme-fraîche, cucumber, ginger and caraway seeds. the crusty fish skin with the cucumber, fennel and ginger broth, the fish eggs and the the amazing trout made this a dish to come back for, a solid 10 out of 10 for me!

A bit too much lighting on this photo, but the good news is I have a new camera… so the only way is up from here.

As a last dish I requested the open mushroom Ravioli, with of course… mushrooms… but also ricotta, tomato salsa, egg yolk and lots yes lots of truffle! The way it was presented gave me some new ideas on open pasta. On the bottom some amazing salsa with all the Italian flavors enriched with some balsamico and sun dried tomatoes. With the ricotta and egg yolk cream, all very nice. Covered by a thin sheet of pasta topped with all ingredients to be topped again by a 2nd sheet of pasta. With on that top all mushrooms, great truffle shavings and mushroom / truffle powder. Heavy but light, if you understand what I mean 😉

This created a beautiful desert (like with cactus type of desert) landscape that represented the final composition.

So for the view and location, as well as the music (Seal live in concert) I have to give a 9.5

For the staff, even sometimes a bit unorganized, all very helpful and proactive a solid 8.7

Food, besides the terrible start, ended amazing. So also a solid 8.9

Pricing was maybe the worst… not saying expensive, but for Slovakian standards on the higher end… In total I paid €53.90 which is okay for a 3 course menu with 2 glasses of wine and a cocktail, but for Slovakia on the higher end so a 7.9 for me.

Go there and see for yourself, and please do not forget:

I published this article on April 1st…. the review and this restaurant are NOT a joke. But the first sentence is…. did you really think I was this rich to take 10 of you? hahaha so: April fools! And thanks for reading or sharing…. Send a PM if you really want to join me once for a dinner date for foodies.


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