SKIMS Built-In Nipple Bra Ushers in a New Era in Lingerie

In a bold move, Kim Kardashian announced the new SKIMS built-in nipple bra, an undergarment that is already making waves on social media. The star shared that SKIMS will introduce its latest addition to the Ultimate Bra collection this month, which boasts a unique and daring feature: a built-in, faux nipple. 

Kardashian herself took to her Instagram feed to share this exciting announcement, generating a buzz among loyal SKIMS followers and “free the nipple” enthusiasts. While some followers questioned the need for the undergarment, many celebs and notables like LaLa Anthony and Porsha Williams said, “this is it” and “genius” about the move. Kardashian’s longtime hair guru Chris Appleton shared his enthusiasm by commenting “rockhard.”

“Freeing the Nipple” Isn’t New

Displaying visible nipples have long been a topic of conversation and debate in the fashion and pop culture. While some may see it as a provocative move, others find the fashion choice to be an empowering display. This bold lingerie choice is not the first of its kind, as pointed bras have a long history in fashion. The concept can be traced back to the ’40s and ’50s when iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe were celebrated for their voluptuous curves. While those times were generally modest, pointed bras allowed women to subtly accentuate their assets under their clothes.

In the ’60s and ’70s, the sexual revolution brought on more daring fashions like sheer tops, crop tops and with visible nipples. Today, the conversation has moved to social media. Many celebrities and influencers have embraced the “free the nipple” movement, which aims to promote body positivity and embracing bodies as they are. 

A Positive Impact

Some SKIMS enthusiasts have acknowledged the potential of this product to provide significant support to women who have faced challenging decisions due to breast cancer or those in the midst of a physical transition. One commenter even suggested, “You know how you interview people for your ads featuring other bras? You should consider doing the same with breast cancer survivors and members of the transgender community to spread the message about how this product benefits so many women.”

Another commenter expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “This is brilliant for breast cancer survivors and mastectomy survivors.” They added, “It can also be incredibly gender-affirming, and I’m fully supportive of it.”

As we look forward to the winter months, we’re sure the Ultimate Nipple Bra will turn heads. While we predict the bra’s popularity it promises to be a conversation starter.

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