Simba Ludlow Ottoman Bed Review

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Simba Ludlow Ottoman Bed Review

Although changing your mattress (when needed) is widely talked about, I’ve not yet come across a discussion about whether you should or would ever need to change a bed frame to ensure a good nights sleep.

As it happens, I’ve had (and loved) the same bed frame for around 15 years now but as we are very soon to upsize our property, a bed for the second / spare bedroom will be needed.

The timing was therefore perfect to try out a bed from Simba; specifically the Ludlow which can be customised with or without various storage options.

About Simba

I like to think I’m an expert in sleep – I’ll share some links below to more sleep content here on the blog. But when it comes to products, Simba have everything you’d need including beds, mattresses, pillows, duvets and more bedding.


Simba Ludlow Ottoman Bed Review

Customising The Ludlow Bed from Simba

Customising The Ludlow Bed

The Ludlow bed is described as ‘minimalist calm’ and I’m here for that. With this bed, there are a few choices you need to make to customise the bed to your taste and your space.

Choosing Your Bed Colour

The first choice is of course the colour. At first I thought I’d opt for the Midnight Blue as it matches a chair I have in my bedroom, however I realised that would limit me in the choice of bedding I could use. So something more neutral was needed – Velvety Graphite.

It’s also worth taking note that each of the six different colours have varying textures too. So although there are three versions of “grey”, one is velvety, one is tweedy and one is “plush”.

Choosing Our Bed Size

The next choice is what size bed to go for. Currently, the bedroom I’m in will fit a double bed, maximum, with the furniture I have in there.

If we had already upsized, I definitely would’ve considered the King size for a little more space. However, changing bed size would also require a new mattress, and all new bedding.

The dimensions of the UK Double ottoman base are 137H X 137W x 200L (CM), while the headboard width is 177W (CM).

Choosing Your Base

My previous bed was a wooden painted bed frame with no storage so I’d used a combination of storage boxes and stashing packed suitcases underneath it. Being in a one bedroom flat means there is limited storage so losing any under-bed storage was not an option.

Due to space and layout of furniture, neither the two drawer or four drawer Ludlow bed would work in my bedroom, so that left the ottoman. The ottoman version uses a  gas-lift and close mechanism to access the storage space underneath which is divided lengthways into two compartments.

Currently, I’ve just put everything that was under my previous wooden bed frame into the ottoman (it all fits) until I move and / or get organised. It’ll be perfect for holding unused bedding and other things you don’t need constant access to.

The headboard of the Ludlow is actually floor-standing but I love the simplicity of the design. Being higher than the headboard of my previous bed has meant the artwork we over the headboard no longer fits, nor do I think any is needed now.

Time For A New Mattress?

I do already own a memory foam ergonomic pillow, in addition to a (maybe 5 year old) mattress which has suited my needs. When you order a bed from Simba, they offer a discount on their mattresses.

Delivery of the Ludlow Bed

As the bed you choose is customised, it takes about 10 days from the date of order to delivery. Ours took a little longer due to a Bank Holiday weekend and needing to have it delivered on a specific day so we were home to accept the delivery.

Delivery and assembly of your new bed from Simba is free of charge. All you have to do is clear the space and route to the space ready for the arrival of your bed.

If you have a mattress or old bed to dispose of, this can be added to your order. They take away all the rubbish too so all that’s left for you to do is dress your bed (I love me some Fine Bedding Co. and Habitat) ready for your first nights sleep in your new bed!

Since getting the Ludlow bed, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed not bruising my thigh on a wooden end board when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

Somehow, the mattress feels more comfortable on this base too… not sure if it’s just me. And the height is perfect to just swing my legs out of bed and onto the floor each morning.

I definitely think a bigger (than my current double) duvet will look better aesthetically and reduce the amount of duvet wars each night.

Are you considering a new bed right now?! What features are you looking for?


p.s the bed was gifted from Simba, however, the post and all opinions are completely my own.

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