Secure Your TAMISEMI Job: Five Must-Have Things for Employment Success

Secure Your TAMISEMI Job: Five Must-Have Things for Employment Success

In response to the official announcement regarding the availability of 10,305 job opportunities for health professionals, endorsed by the President, Jerasp extends valuable guidance to fellow healthcare practitioners.

To enhance your prospects of securing one of these coveted positions, consider preparing the following essential items:

NIN (NIDA Number)

If you’re a first-time applicant on the TAMISEMI portal, it’s important to note that you’ll need a National Identification Number (NIDA Number) to complete your registration.

It’s important to note that to access the TAMISEMI job portal, you’ll need a National Identification Number (NIDA Number).

If you haven’t obtained this number yet, we kindly encourage you to visit your nearest NIDA office to complete the registration process.

Your Login Details

For those of you who have already successfully joined, please remember that you’ll need to use your NIDA number along with the password you used during your previous registration.

To ensure a smooth process, we recommend proactively identifying the information you need and preparing it in advance.

Certified Copies of Your Certificates

It’s essential to note that all your certificates, including those from Form Four, Six, college certificates, and your college transcript, should bear the seal of a lawyer.

We advise you to take care of this requirement in advance to prevent any inconvenience during the application process.

Professional License

Being a healthcare professional, it’s crucial to understand that performing paramedic duties without the requisite professional license is a legal offense.

To be eligible for TAMISEMI jobs, it’s essential to possess an active license for your relevant profession.


While having all the mentioned qualifications enhances your application, it’s important to note that they don’t guarantee to secure your TAMISEMI job.

It’s crucial not to overlook any guidance provided by TAMISEMI regarding the correct application process.

Following their instructions diligently is of utmost importance.

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