Say Goodbye to Dry Relaxed Hair: 5 Awesome Tips

Dry Relaxed Hair

As we all know, treating relaxed hair is not always the healthiest option for today’s modern women.

One of the benefits of relaxing hair is that it is still a popular technique to straighten natural hair permanently. It also

requires extra attention and more time to avoid breakage and damage to the hair.

Relaxed hair can also lead to dehydrated hair as the chemicals in relaxers zap out all of the

moisture in our already dry natural hair

In this blog post, I will discuss the different approaches to caring for dry relaxed hair and ways to prevent heat damaged 4b hair that dry, relaxed hair can cause with dry relaxed hair help and relaxed hair tips.

dry ends on relaxed hair

Assess The Condition of your Hair

Before figuring out how to treat damaged hair by heat, you should constantly assess the strands first.

Your relaxed hair is thirsty and similar to the texture of a straw. Your hair is dehydrated.

If it breaks easily, then it is still dry but also damaged. You may also want to do a strand test to

determine the hair’s porosity level. Doing this will help you understand whether your dry relaxed hair needs more moisture or protein when deep conditioning.

You may also want to assess the overall health of your scalp as this is the foundation from which the hair strands stem.

dry conditioner relaxed hair

Creating a Nourishing Haircare Routine

When creating a new regimen to treat dry relaxed hair, you want to start with a good hydrating conditioner.

A biotin strengthening shampoo and a porosity strand test will help you determine if your hair needs more moisture or strength.

Use a good sulfate-free shampoo, as sulfates tend to dry out the hair even more and stay away from shampoo without sodium benzoate.

When you experience dry relaxed hair, you may not be deep conditioning as often as you should. Try to shampoo and condition your hair with the best hair strengthening shampoo and conditioner or good hair products for relaxed hair. When conditioning relaxed hair, condition your hair deep at least every month or no more than every two weeks from roots to ends with a good deep conditioner for relaxed hair.

Depending on your hair needs, you may want to deep condition with a good moisturizing conditioner or fortifying conditioner such as the TGIN hydrating hair mask which also contain silk proteins. One of the benefits of silk protein and deep conditioning on dry relaxed hair for hair is that it adds strength to the strands.

There are also other relaxed hair treatment products that you can use, such as hair steaming and hot oil treatments with custom hair oils to revive dry relaxed hair and seal hair cuticle.

Deep condition hair

Hydration is Key for Dry Relaxed Hair

One of the best ways to combat dry relaxed hair is by staying hydrated throughout the day. Make sure that you are drinking enough water daily. The average intake amount is around 6-8 cups per day.

You can also try to use leave-in conditioners that condition the strands and do not have to be washed out. To keep strands soft and supple, use a satin scarf or pillowcase at night to prevent friction and dryness to the strands.

Say No To Heat Damage

This step might be hard to avoid, but one of the best things you can do to your dry relaxed hair is avoid excessive heat styling. What is thermal styling for hair? It is when you are constantly applying heat from styling appliances daily to the hair. If you are the type to apply heat to your hair daily, you may want to use it less often or try to blow dry your hair only.

Always use a heat protectant before using any not tools, as it will protect the strands from heat damage. You can also try air-drying the hair, which requires no heat as you allow your hair to dry naturally without manipulation.

Protective styling

Another way to avoid dry relaxed hair would be to style your hair in a protective style. A protective style protects the hair by preventing contact with the hair from environmental elements and friction from clothing rubbing against it. Try to choose the most appropriate protective style and styles that are non damaging hairstyles that suits your needs, such as wigs, cornrows, or buns (updos that don’t damage hair), to keep the hair protected from getting damaged and dry relaxed hair.

A great protective style that you can do at night is sleep in a satin bonnet. One of the benefits of wearing a bonnet to bed is that it protects your strands from other elements such as harsher fabrics that can cause breakage to the hair.

Also, you might also want to use a boar bristle hair brush. One of the benefits of a boar hair brush is that it is very gentle on the hair and will prevent breakage.

relaxed hair dry and breaking

Trimming and Maintenance

Maintaining trims throughout the year is essential to keeping your hair healthy. It is always best to cut off any dry or damaged hair, but try not to trim too often, or you will not see any growth.

I like to trim my hair twice yearly and dust the ends every two months. Make sure you are also using hair-cutting shears and not any type of scissors because this can lead to more issues and hinder growth.

how to air dry relaxed hair straight

Supplements and Diet

It starts from the inside to avoid dry black hair and damaged hair from heat. Not only does your water intake benefits you but make sure you are maintaining a healthy diet and are eating healthy and nutritious foods for long healthy relaxed hair.

Taking supplements is another way to get even more nutrients into your system. There are various supplements, but I like to ensure that I take a multivitamin along with hair, skin, and nails. I also enjoy the benefits of flaxseed and omega-3 and pro vitamin b5 hair vitamins for my hair, brain and other body parts.

Also, vitamins and supplements are a great way to get the right amount you need if you have a deficiency like me.

Dealing With Scalp Issues

If you have dry scalp issues, it is best to address these problems, especially if you have dry damaged relaxed hair. I used to suffer from a flaky scalp. Recently, I have eliminated my dandruff problem with the help of aloe vera. Every night before bed, I would apply aloe vera in an application bottle to my scalp when my hair was cornrowed. After a few weeks of applying the aloe vera to my scalp, I noticed that my scalp would not flake after washing and flat ironing the hair.

So, if you have a dry scalp issue, natural remedies such as aloe vera can stop this embarrassing issue and prevent hair loss.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

Although this blog post is about dry, relaxed hair, it is essential not to apply harsher chemicals. One of the main benefits of relaxed hair is that it is easier to manage, but it comes with its cons.

Chemicals from hair color and hair dyes can take a toll on the hair and make the hair so dry that it

feels dead and then will cause damage to the hail breakage and hair loss.

If you are adamant about putting color in your hair, look for alternatives that do not contain the harsher

chemicals. Henna is an excellent alternative to your typical hair dye. There is also temporary hair wax that you can apply to your hair and wash out after a few weeks.

Patience and Consistency

When it comes to hair care, you want to maintain realistic expectations, especially when you have dry,

relaxed hair. Know that the healing process will not fix the issue overnight and that it takes time to see the results you want to see. You also want to ensure that you maintain consistency through your hair care regimen and that if you are consistent, you will see results.

Also, try to celebrate minor victories in your hair journey, such as the overall condition of your hair and the benefits that regular trimming may add to provide you with beautiful hair.


In this blog post, I discussed how to treat dry, relaxed hair by mentioning important factors that can help bring dry hair back to health. Factors such as doing an assessment and creating a healthy hair routine with the best products for dry relaxed hair can get you off to a great start.

You also want to ensure the hair is hydrated and stays away from heat. Implementing regular trims can also help to eliminate those dry ends and satin bonnets benefits. These are just a few topics I discussed in this blog post. I hope you benefit from this and practice healthy hair care to eliminate extremely dry relaxed hair with the right treatment for dry relaxed hair.

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