Safe Travel: Meet Our Trip Coordinators

Our Trip Coordinators are pros at booking safe travel to dream destinations around the globe.

Planning your perfect vacation can be tricky, especially if you have a long list of things you want to see and do. Then there’s all the logistics to consider, from confirming transfers to figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B in a new city.

Thankfully, this is where our Trip Coordinators come in. They’re pros at booking safe travel to destinations around the globe and ensuring your once-in-a-lifetime vacation goes off without a hitch. Our travel experts can also show you what you may never find on your own!

Whether you want to tick off some extraordinary experiences in 2021 or embark on a sustainable trip, our team will be on hand to help before and during your vacation. Your assigned Trip Coordinator will ensure you have the best time possible, while also navigating and solving any issues which may arise. 

Our safe travel experts

Want to know more about what our Trip Coordinators do? What better way than to hear from them directly.


“I’m an Enchanting Travels trip coordinator for Africa. I help our guests have experiences of a lifetime. My favorite part of helping our guests is sharing the highlights of my country, including our diverse culture, breathtaking landscape and fantastic wildlife. 

When you go on a personalized journey with Enchanting Travels, Coordinators like me are available to help with trip preparation. The reality of travel is that sometimes the unexpected happens: flights are canceled or passports are lost. I’m here to solve any issues you encounter so you can continue enjoying your experience.”


“I was excited to start at Enchanting Travels and I still can’t believe that I have completed five years already! The journey so far has been truly enriching. I think the role of a Trip Coordinator is selfless; we always go beyond just our role to make our guests happy or to take our guests out of difficult situations.

I remember one specific day when my guests were stuck in Udaipur, India. They had a flight from Udaipur to Delhi and then an international flight from Delhi to Germany at 2am the following day. Their first flight got delayed and it became impossible for them to catch the international flight. While they were in the air, I rebooked their international flight to 4am. I was awake the entire night and coordinated between the airline and guests. I still feel proud of myself for going beyond my comfort level to be there for my guests.”

Trip coorinator Suramya


“I started working with Enchanting Travels in September 2014 as a German Trip Coordinator. Seeing our guests enjoying and having a wonderful time is the best part of my role. As Trip Coordinators, we make sure guests enjoy it to the fullest without having to worry about anything. It gives you a feeling that you are in the right place and doing the right thing.”

Trip coordinators ensure safe travel

Our travel experts go the extra mile

“I remember particular guests traveled with us to India back in 2017. When they reached the airport to catch their flight, Lufthansa did not let them board. They had rejected one of the visa as her passport number was incorrect. 

I called up the visa helpline and got someone on the line. I also called up the guests and merged the calls. I explained to the visa helpline person and he corrected the passport number in his system. I told the guest to inform the airlines. When he told this to Lufthansa, they didn’t agree and wanted the same in writing. The person unfortunately could not provide this and their flight took off. 

The guests went home and it took them three days to get the new visa. In these three days, I was in touch with them at least three times a day. After they finally got their visas, they inquired about the international flight cost. It was too high, so the guests decided to book the flights themselves. I canceled their initial booked return flight and refunded their costs. Simultaneously, we made all the changes and arrangements. 

After all these problems, the guests had an excellent time and appreciated my support. They planned another trip with us in 2019!”

Safe travel is a priority for all our travel experts

If you’re worried about booking safe travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll be glad to know that our teams are continuously updated with the latest safety regulations and rules. They can even arrange COVID-19 testing for you prior to your return home.

Take a journey that’s supported every step of the way when you plan your dream vacation with one of our Trip Coordinators. 

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