Powerlifter Nabil Akram Lahlou (67.5 KG) Deadlifts World Record 325 KG (716 Pounds) at WRPF American Pro 2

The 2023 WRPF American Pro 2 in Manassas, VA, saw a third deadlift world record fall, following feats by Sawyer Klatt and Dorrell Petties. On Oct. 27, 67.5-kilogram lifter Nabil Akram Lahlou needed all three attempts to pull 325 kilograms (716 pounds) for a new all-time world record in the Tested Raw 67.5-kilogram category.

The successful attempt can be seen in the following Instagram Reel that was clipped from the WRPF’s YouTube livestream:

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By the time Lahlou was ready for his third attempt, he not only needed it for the record — he needed it to complete the meet because he failed his previous two attempts. Lahlou approached the bar with a sumo stance and a double overhand grip while wearing his singlet and a weight belt. He began his pull slowly, but it consistently came up toward his knees.

Once he achieved lockout, he held it as long as possible until he received the down command. After he returned the bar to the floor, there was a dramatic pause until he saw the white lights signaling a successful lift. The celebration was on after that, and Lahlou kneeled to the weight in appreciation of the moment.

Daniel Clements previously owned this record after pulling 322.9 kilograms (712.1 pounds) in September 2023. The record before that fittingly also belonged to Lahlou.

In his Instagram post, Lahlou stated that this is his fifth world record. He also broke the 700-kilogram barrier on his total between the squat, bench press, and deadlift. You can see the summary of his heaviest lifts from the meet below:

  • Squat: 245 kilograms (540.2 pounds)
  • Bench Press: 133 kilograms (293.2 pounds)
  • Deadlift: 325 kilograms (716.6 pounds)
  • Total: 703 kilograms (1,550 pounds)

The American Pro 2 continues throughout the weekend and will conclude on Sunday, Oct. 29, 2023. Fans who can’t be in Manassas can watch the action live for free on the WRPF’s livestream, courtesy of A1 Digital.

Featured Reel: @nabil_lahlou on Instagram

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