Omelet Tips That Will Change The Way You Cook Forever

For egg and cheese lovers, omelets qualify as one of the best delivery systems for both of these foods. And while most cheeses taste good in omelets, some melt more easily than others, adding creaminess to the omelet.


If you’re not sure where to start, it’s hard to go wrong with Asiago, Gouda, or Fontina. If you’d like your eggs to have a decidedly Italian flair, mozzarella, plus a bit of marinara and olives to garnish will bring the flavor of the Old Country to breakfast. Old stand-bys like American and cheddar always taste great in any omelet too.

For a bit of a spicy nip, think about introducing pepper Jack cheese. This option works well on its own to make a spicy cheese omelet. However, it’s also an ideal choice for chili or Mexican omelets. The addition of jalapeños and habañero peppers to creamy Monterey Jack cheese adds natural spicy seasonings to the omelet that go with the theme.

As for adding the cheese to your eggs, you can sprinkle shredded cheese in the raw egg mixture before pouring it into the pan or top an omelet with sliced cheese before finishing it in the broiler. Both methods guarantee properly melted cheese. Like eggs, cheese doesn’t take long to cook, so adding it to the omelet should be one of the last steps.


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