Oksou Apollo S630 Pro HEPA Air Purifier: A Review of the Ultimate Air Cleaner on the Market

Oksou Apollo S630 air purifier
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The quality of the air that we breathe at home may be something that you don’t give much thought to unless you have health issues or trying to banish bad smells from your home. However, there are so many indoor pollutants that can cause you and your family future problems if not nipped in the bud. Here is why you might want to think of investing in a quality air purifier such as the Oksou Apollo S630 Pro HEPA Air Purifier sent for this review for the cleanest air.

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This air cleaner is a unit that can handle a large room approximately 1490 square feet and can deliver fresh air in about twelve minutes. You would think such an air purifying unit would weight a lot and take up a huge amount of space in the house. However, it only weighs 11.46 pounds and measures 15.28 inches by 8.86 inches by 18.70 inches.

Photo Courtesy of Oksou

With this unit’s laser senor, it translates into five clean air changes each hour. This powerful Oksou Apollo S630 Pro HEPA air purifier can remove 99.97 % of airborne pollutants such as dust, fiber, hair, pollen, dander, and smoke as well as other odors that you don’t want in your home.

Something else to keep in mind is the S630 air purifier can outdo any three stage HEPA filtration system with its five-stage design. It has a washable prefilter, H13 true HEPA filter, blue HEPA filter, cold catalyst filter, and a honeycomb activated charcoal filter for the ultimate air cleaning machine.

Furthermore, the Oksou Apollo S630 is easy to operate. There are three modes in the LED digital display from auto mode, eco mode to sleep mode that operates at 23dB, which is barely a whisper. The auto mode reacts to surrounding pollutants and adjusts fan speeds to best meet those incoming air challenges. On the other hand, the eco mode is interesting in the way its innovative technology manages to purify the air from its pollutant readings.

Staying in your best health is everyone’s goal. With the Oksou Apollo S630 Pro HEPA Air Purifier, you can gain the optimal way to defend the health of your breathing. If you haven’t tried this air purifier yet, I suggest visiting the company’s website and give this machine a try. Let me assure you from this Oksou Apollo S630 review that it would make a wonderful holiday gift for those loved ones on your gift list.

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