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Here in Madagascar, not all ingredients for certain dishes are readily available at all times. That’s just the way it is in poorer countries, so of course, creativity and spontaneity are called upon when ‘one’ is craving a specific cuisine! My go to food is always Thai, as the flavours and spice do wonders for my mouth, mind, body, spirit and soul and make me happy. We don’t have the luxury of Uber Eats or restaurant delivery services here and no quirky little Thai style ‘hole in the wall eateries’ are at our fingertips, but what I DO HAVE is a local market that provides a wonderful assortment of (mainly) asian-based fresh produce every day! So this amazing array of vibrant greenery, combined with some tasty leftovers from the fridge somehow all magically come together to create a fantastic, simple and delicious healthy salad which I’m sure would make any Thai national proud! Well…I hope so anyway!

Gin Khao…let’s go to MYland!????????


Leftover cooked steak (feel free to substitute with any other form of leftover protein that’s lurking in your fridge)
Red or green Chillies
Peanuts (to decorate)
Red onions or shallots
Bean sprouts (bean shoots)
Tomatoes (cherry or regular)
Red radish
Basil (Holy Thai or Italian)


Sugar (brown, raw, palm or white or honey)
Fish sauce
Juice of one large or two small limes
Sesame Oil


1: Slice the leftover beef into thin strips. Place in a bowl.
2: Thinly slice the red onion or shallot. Heat some oil (whatever you have available) in a pan and
shallow fry till fragrant and crispy. Take out and set aside to drain onto kitchen paper.
3: Slice the tomatoes into quarters (or halves if using the cherry ones) – ADD to bowl.
4: Thinly slice the radish and cucumber and ADD to bowl.
5: Slice or use scissors to cut the chives (including white stalks) – ADD to bowl.
6: Diagonally slice the chillies (however many YOU want according to heat and taste) – ADD to
7: Mix together all the ingredients in the bowl gently with your hands until combined.


Make the dressing:

1: Slice more chillies (again…according to heat and taste) and place into a small bowl.
2: Add 2 x teaspoons of sugar (or honey)
3: Add 2 x teaspoons of fish sauce
4: Add the juice of 2 x small limes or one large
5: Add 2 x teaspoons of sesame oil
6: Add some torn coriander leaves

Taste the dressing and season. Feel free to add more lime juice/sugar (honey)/fish sauce or oil. The flavour should be a balance of hot, salty, sweet and spicy! I add the sesame oil to give it a little something extra, but feel free to it leave out! Make sure there’s enough to dress the salad.


Find a large serving dish or plate and put aside.

Grab the large bowl of sliced ingredients and add half the dressing. Mix together.

NEXT, tear off whole coriander, mint and basil leaves and add to your salad, making sure you use enough to make it crunchy, green and delicious!

Turn out onto the serving dish/plate. Drizzle with the remainder of the dressing.

FINALLY sprinkle with the beans sprouts and peanuts and the fried onion on top!

And there you have it! A simple and delicious meal that will transport you straight to the beaches of Thailand with every mouthful! I hope you love it as much as I do! Kwaawp khun ka. ????????
(For Kristel)

…”The people who give you their food give you their he❤️rt” …Cesar Chavez

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