Mediterranean Vacation in Gozo, Malta’s Sister Island

Gozo is the second largest of the Maltese islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta’s sister island, it  is just a 30-minute ferry ride to the north. Gozo is less visited than Malta but has much to offer. Some people even say it is more beautiful than Malta.

Rugged cliffs and serene beaches surround its coastline. But this island offers more than just stunning views. It has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Its Ggantija temples are older than the pyramids in Egypt. 

The towns in Gozo are charming. They have narrow streets, colorful doors, and windows. And the locals are warm and welcoming. You will have plenty of opportunities to try artisanal products such as Gozitan pizza, cheese, and honey.

Best Time to Visit Gozo

Gozo Map
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You can visit Gozo any time of the year. The island has a warm climate and over 350 sunny days a year.

The swimming season for beach holidays starts in June and finishes in October. Summers in Gozo are hot and humid. Day temperatures can reach 35C in July and August. The sea temperature is a pleasant 28-30C degrees. But these months also have bigger crowds. Mid-September to October is the best time to avoid heat and crowds. The beaches are less busy, and the sea is still warm. The air and water stay above 25C.

Gozo’s winter season is from November to March. It can get windy and rainy, but the rain usually doesn’t last long. Winter is an excellent time to explore historical sites and nature. During this time, the island becomes lush and green. You can choose from many beautiful Gozo coastal hikes and explore the island.

Visit the Citadel for Stunning Views and History

Citadel in Victoria, Gozo
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The Citadel is located in Victoria, Gozo. This fortified city has impressive views. You can see the whole island of Gozo, Comino, and Malta. The views are exceptionally breathtaking at sunset. There is no entrance fee, so everyone in Gozo should visit the Citadel.

The Citadel has been essential to Gozo since the Bronze Age. The Knights of Malta reconstructed it in the late 16th century. They blended medieval and later architectural styles. Today, it’s a hub for cultural attractions like museums and churches.

The Citadel attracts many visitors. History lovers will enjoy the Gozo Museum of Archaeology and the Old Prison. Others can enjoy a quiet atmosphere with a historical setting or a romantic sunset.

Explore the Meghalitic Ggantija Temples

Ggantija Temples in Gozo
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The Ggantija Temples in Gozo date back over 5,000 years. They are believed to be among the oldest standalone structures in the world. They are even older than the Egyptian Pyramids. These temples are near the village of Xaghra. They are made of large limestone blocks and have roofed chambers.

If you love history, you must visit Ġgantija Temples when you’re in Gozo. It’s a chance to see one of humanity’s earliest architectural achievements.

It’s best to go in the morning or afternoon to avoid the hot mid-day sun since there isn’t much shade.

Relax on the Beautiful Ramla Bay Beach

Ramla Bay Beach in Gozo
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Ramla Beach is located on the northeast coast of Gozo. The beach has stunning red sand and clear, turquoise water. It is the largest sandy beach on the island, surrounded by cliffs and dunes.

This beach is excellent for families, nature lovers, and people who enjoy water sports. The shallow waters make it safe for kids. If you’re looking for an adventure, rent a kayak paddleboard or ride a banana. You can also go snorkeling along the rocky shoreline to see many fish.

Ramla Beach is well-equipped with amenities. The beach offers parking, public toilets, showers, picnic tables, and food stalls. You can also rent sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports equipment.

Snorkel in Il-Għasri Valley Beach

Il-Għasri Valley Beach in Gozo
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Wied il-Ghasri is a beautiful valley on Gozo’s north coast. It has a stunning canyon-like setting. It goes 300 meters inland and leads to a lovely pebble beach. You can swim and snorkel along its cliff walls, exploring caves and marine life.

Wied il-Ghasri is small. Yet, it is worth visiting because it is beautiful. The canyon is scenic, the waters are crystal-clear, and it is very peaceful. It is a perfect spot to relax and explore for a few hours.

The valley is perfect for nature lovers. You can enjoy the sound of waves crashing against cliffs, which makes it an ideal spot to unwind.

Remember that Wied il-Ghasri has no facilities like toilets or food shops. It’s essential to come prepared with water, snacks, and a beach towel or mat for comfort on the pebbled beach.

Walk Along the Scenic Xlendi Bay Cliffs

Xlendi Bay in Gozo
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Xlendi is located on the west side of Gozo. It is a popular town for tourists. There are many restaurants and hotels. There are also benches for picnics and opportunities to watch breathtaking sunsets.

People enjoy taking scenic walks in this area. Once you’ve finished exploring the town, go to the promenade. The promenade leads to the bridge over Kantra Valley. Take the stairs and follow the coastline to reach Xlendi Tower. It is a 17th-century watchtower built by the Knights of Malta.

You can walk on golden cliffs next to the Xlendi Tower. The cliffs descend into the deep blue sea. The view there is fantastic.

If you like peaceful walks with beautiful views, visit Xlendi Bay.

See the Salt Pans Near Marsalforn

Salt Pans near Marsalforn in Gozo
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Gozo salt pans are near Marsalforn, at Xwejni Bay on Malta’s east. They stretch a few kilometers along the coast. These salt pans are old pools cut into rocks that resemble a checkerboard.

Gozo’s salt pans have existed for more than 350 years. People have collected natural sea salt from them using traditional methods. These methods have been handed down through generations. 

When you visit the salt pans, you see how salt is harvested traditionally. This is an important part of Gozo’s history and culture.

Visiting salt pans is perfect for anyone looking to experience Gozo’s authentic charm. It’s also a great way to learn about its centuries-old traditions.

Enjoy a Sunset at Dwejra

Dwejra Bay in Gozo
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Dwejra Bay is a beautiful place on the west coast of Gozo. It has the famous Blue Hole, a popular spot for diving. There’s also the Inland Sea, a lagoon connected to the sea by a tunnel. And the Dwejra Tower, which has excellent views. You can also see Crocodile Rock and Fungus Rock.

This area is worth visiting because of its natural beauty. Dwejra captivates visitors with its unique landscapes and diverse marine life.

Dwejra Bay is the best place to enjoy a sunset. The sun sets over the horizon, creating beautiful colors on the cliffs and waters. This makes it an excellent spot for photographers and romantic walks. Walking along the bay during this time is peaceful and unique.

Go Kayaking in Mgarr-Ix Xini

Mgarr-Ix Xini Bay in Gozo
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Mgarr Ix-Xini is a beautiful fjord-like bay on the southern coast of Gozo. It’s hidden in a narrow gorge with clear water and natural beauty. The bay has a small, pebbly beach and steep cliffs.

The bay is in a sheltered spot, so the water is calm. This makes it perfect for water sports such as kayaking or paddle boarding. You can explore the beautiful coastline with rocky inlets and hidden coves.

In summer, a van with kayaks for rent is usually parked near the beach. You don’t need to make a reservation.

Take a Photo in the Tal-Mixta Cave

Tal-Mixta Cave in Gozo
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Tal-Mixta Cave is a beautiful hidden gem located on the northern coast of Gozo, near the village of Nadur. The cave is on a cliff and has excellent views of Ramla Bay and the Mediterranean Sea.

You must visit Tal-Mixta Cave because it has amazing views. Photographers will love this place. The cave frames the beautiful beach below. It makes a perfect background for great photos. You can also relax, picnic, and enjoy the beauty of Gozo’s coastline.

To reach Tal-Mixta Cave, drive from Nadur or hike from Ramla Beach. The hike is short but steep, so wearing comfortable shoes is best.

Enjoy Mediterranean Cuisine

traditional maltese grilled sea bass
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When you visit Gozo, make sure to try the delicious local food. These recommendations have been tried and tested.

The restaurant Xerri Il Bukkett in Qala has fantastic views of Comino Island. They also serve the best fresh calamari fritti on the island. Ask for a table on the terrace to get the best spot for the most incredible views.

Qbajjar Restaurant is in Xwejni Bay. You can easily combine it with a visit to the nearby salt pans. Some popular dishes include salt-baked sea bass. They also serve traditionally prepared octopus. Another favorite is Gozitan ravioli with ricotta and tomato sauce.

The Boathouse Restaurant in Xlendi is another excellent place to try local food. They serve fresh fish, fresh pasta, and traditional Maltese rabbit.

You should try Gozo’s famous pizza, ftira. The best places to get one are Mekrens or Maxxok bakeries. They offer takeaway orders. The traditional ftira has potatoes and anchovies. It’s a good idea to call ahead and order before going to avoid waiting because these bakeries are very busy.

Vacationing in Gozo

Island of Gozo
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Gozo is truly a beautiful island, and it should not be missed. Time feels slower there, and you can appreciate the simple joys of life.

This island won’t disappoint you. Gozo offers something for everyone. It has ancient temples and a vibrant history. It also has stunning beaches and hidden natural gems. So, pack your bags and enjoy exploring this charming island.

Mediterranean Escapes: Vacationing in Gozo, Malta's Sister Island

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