MAX FACTOR Miracle Pure Blush 01 Radiant Rose

There was a hype about these, as I believe they were mentioned as a dupe for some other liquid glowy blushes, I think Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve seen raves and negative reviews, so it’s a polarising formula. I’m actually not on either side and I think they’re just ok, but not spectacular. 01 Radiant Rose is the most frequently mentioned shade, but when I swatched it in the shop, I was surprised it’s so liked, as straight from the tube the colour does not look appealing, but on the cheeks it’s a different story. 

Formula is creamy, not too liquid nor too thick, but blending can be challenging. I’m pale, so I only need a small amount and it blends decently, though it can still look a bit uneven, especially if you spend too much time blending it, thereby shifting the product. I’ve had problems with it over glowy and matte foundations, on the latter it lacks creaminess to blends evenly. I find it’s best to apply and blend it with fingers, starting with a small amount (a dot), then blend the edges with a sponge that I used for foundation to make a seamless transition. Applying it with a brush will just make it patchy. When I was taking pictures and like always had a hard time getting the camera to pick up the blush, I applied a few layers and that’s when it started to become very problematic. It was patchy and uneven, the product was just shifting too much. So those with a deeper skin tone, who need to apply more than me, many find this a difficult product to blend nicely. 

Radiant Rose is nothing like the name might indicate or like the pink label showing the colour in the front. Straight from the tube it’s this strange reddish-orange shade, but on the cheeks it’s surprisingly a lot more pink, though a coral pink. It has a metallic glow when swatched, but I only need a small dot on my cheeks, so the glow isn’t that strong on me. On the picture it’s a few layers, like I said, so the glow is visible, but in real life my cheeks were intensely blushed and it wasn’t a look for wearing in public.

Staying power is nothing special. Since it’s a cream formula it doesn’t last as long on the cheeks, a few hours. 

This is quite an expensive blush, but you get a lot of product and I only need a small dot at a time. It’s about 14 € in DM. 

Is it worth it? Not for this price, but if you can find it cheaper, maybe, if you like the shade. Honestly, I’ve had it for months and I barely touch it, especially since I tried the new Essence cream blush in a stick Baby Got Blush. From Max Factor I prefer their Facefinity Blushes, previously called Creme Puff Blushes. 

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