Maman Readies for Opening on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables

Maman, a blended cafe, bakery and restaurant, will soon open a South Florida location after Terranova Corporation brokered a leasing deal for the eatery to occupy a new location on Coral Gables’ Miracle Mile in 2024. Drawing inspiration from their cherished family recipes, Maman blends North American and Southern French influences seamlessly, offering a cafe, bakery and restaurant all in one place. With a wide array of culinary options, including artisanal coffees, cocktails, pastries, salads, sandwiches, and soups, Maman has established itself as a premier lifestyle brand with over 30 locations, significantly impacting the culinary landscape.

Maman’s new location at 136 Miracle Mile will cover an area of 2,616 square feet. The opportunity to bring Maman to the vibrant Miracle Mile community was presented to Terranova by Vertical Real Estate, a full-service commercial real estate firm co-founded by Real Estate veterans Lyle Stern, Micheal Sullivan and Noah Fox.

“Terranova is proud to welcome Maman to the heart of Coral Gables,” Stephen Bittel says, Founder and Chairman of Terranova. “Miracle Mile is home to many retail and dining experiences, and the addition of Maman, with its rich culture and culinary influence from Southern France and North America and appeal to local celebrities, moms-on-the-go, business partners, and friends into one of our many locations, will help strengthen the lifestyle of Miracle Mile that we have been carefully curating.” 

As a key property owner on Miracle Mile, Terranova Corporation is committed to attracting industry leaders and innovators as tenants, each with its distinct objectives. The goal is to elevate the four-block, pedestrian-friendly retail district and establish it as a premier destination. Maman’s expansion on Miracle Mile aligns perfectly, intending to draw crowds and become a captivating attraction in Miami.

With its floral elegance and Oprah-approved Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie, Maman captures the charm of Southern France. Evolving from a Soho café to a North American lifestyle brand, the company continues to flourish, drawing inspiration from the cherished childhood memories of its founders, Elisa Marshall and Ben Sormonte cooking in the kitchen with their families. The design of each location is intended to radiate a “home away from home” atmosphere. Brand Urban, an NYC-based full-service real estate advisory and brokerage company, is Maman’s master broker.

In recent decades, Miracle Mile has transformed into a refined outdoor shopping destination that draws in residents across South Florida. In 2016, the makeover of Miracle Mile further improved its pedestrian-friendly appeal by widening sidewalks, removing curbs, and introducing more greenery. This enhancement caters not just to shops but also to restaurants, providing inviting outdoor dining options.

“Miracle Mile is an ideal spot for our new venture,” Ben Sormonte says, Founder of Maman. “It’s a pedestrian-friendly gem with abundant outdoor space for cafes and restaurants. This setup is a big plus for Maman. We’re absolutely thrilled to establish our latest location here. Our goal is to bring our cultural charm to Miracle Mile visitors and create lasting experiences in the years ahead.” 

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