Make A Pannage Time Visit To The New Forest Hampshire

Pannage time in the New Forest is the period of year when the pigs are released to feast on millions of acorns produced by the numerous oak trees there!

These ancient woodlands with their broad sweeps of open heath are also home to herds of grazing wild ponies, sheep and horses.

Springtime New Forest.

As well as hoovering up the acorns which the pigs absolutely love. They also have a role of protecting the other animals as acorns are poisonous to cattle and ponies.

This feeding frenzy by the pigs also provides a delightful and tasty flavoured pork that is in great demand…Pannage Pork.

Autumn time New Forest.

Perhaps could be classed like that of Salt Marsh Lamb?

Pannage Pork and Salt Marsh Lamb

According to farmer and New Forest commoner Andrew Parry-Norton this is premier pork. He around Autumn time may release up to 50 pigs into the forest.

Andrew Parry-Norton Farmer and Commoner in The New Forest.

Although that all depends on the amount of acorn drop and the numbers of pigs that the Verderers then decide that each commoner can release.

Andrew says much of this pork is promoted and marketed under the New Forest Marque and its soon sold out each season.

Allowing the pigs to wander and feed for several months totally freely around the forest the animals enjoy a first class of welfare as they go. And monitored by the guardians of the New Forest the Verderers and Agisters who check on all of the animals in the forest.  Both wild and domestic.

Ponies New Forest.

Each year ponies and other animals are rounded up on a regular basis, which is called a ‘drift’ by the New Forest locals.

The New Forest is ideal for walking and cycling plus with many numerous places to stay.

Gorgeous accommodation ideal for short stays or weekend breaks. Giving that perfect chance to get away and recharge yourself at those shoulder periods of the calendar, spring and Autumn.

Nice Stays in The New Forest

Places like the Bell Inn at Brook near to Bramshaw on the northern side of the forest or Burley Manor on the Southern side of the A31. The major road that cuts right through the forest.

Bell Inn New Forest.

The Bell Inn is next to a popular and well known golf club. It is a cosy friendly inn serving some first class food much of which comes directly from the forest itself.

It being more farmhouse and country, rather than boutique or business in style.

Located a very short drive from the M27/A31 at Cadnam. You are very soon deep in the forest and away from that trunk road tension.

Burley Manor is close to Burley village and it is off the Southern side of the A31. Set in its own grounds that includes a Red Deer sanctuary. A great sight early morning and evening.

It has spa and wellness packages. Plus offers like 3 for 2 night stays for two people running from September to February. Also dinner bed and breakfast offers from the end of October to end of February. Burley Manor says it combines old Manor House charm with a contemporary eclectic twist and is for grown ups.

Burley Manor New Forest.

Once on those roads the pace of life and driving both change with 40 mph or under! There are plenty of signs to put you right and help keep the animals safe too.

Both hotels offer packages which includes entry to the Beaulieu National Motor Car Museum.

Cars on show outside Beaulieu Manor itself.

Within just minutes from either hotel and you can be walking or cycling over the forested landscape taking in the sights and smells of woodlands that were once hunted over by William the Conqueror.

Pork On The Menu Since William The Conqueror

It was his love of hunting wild board and deer that helped to keep this whole area very special.  And you can even get to sample some of that wild boar today. Although the Pannage Pork supplied by Andrew is a real hit in the Forest and often sells out very quickly each year too.

Local New Forest food.

The whole area of the New Forest is working hard to build a reputation as a culinary centre.  With many of the hotels, inns and restaurants getting together to market the produce.  Putting on food oriented events in order to draw more visitors outside of the main summer season period.

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