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PREVIEW. Coming this October: Selfcare Beauty Edit.

Get ready for an exciting October with our Selfcare Beauty Edit. Discover essential products to enhance your routine and cocoon you during the cooler months. Our edit includes body essentials, long-lasting makeup that can withstand any weather, and hydrating skincare for soft and glowing skin, even on gloomy days.

Our Brand of The Month is NUXE. Expect the Prodigieux® Floral Le Parfum Mini and immerse yourself in the fresh and delicate scents of Huile Prodigieuse Florale®. This floral eau de parfum will transport you to a sunlit garden in just one spritz. This invigorating fragrance will awaken your senses with grapefruit top notes, a vibrant magnolia floral heart, and subtle white musk. It’s an uplifting scent that invites you to embrace life’s brighter moments.

Check out all of the brands coming this month as we shine the spotlight on new and exciting products coming your way. Expect 3 brand showcases, 1 product drop with a diverse range of items, 1 Haul of Fame and 24 products landing!

Get ready to embrace self-care and enjoy ultimate cosiness.


French brand NUXE creates skin and body care products that meet pharmaceutical quality requirements while combining the marvels of nature with the prowess of science. NUXE is known for its innovative and sensory approach to beauty so you can expect an indulgent beauty experience in addition to the products’ efficacy. 

Yardley London

Proudly made in the UK and with over 250 years of experience in fine fragrance, Yardley harnesses the power of florals to create a flourishing range of formulas that have been known and loved for generations. Its best quality? Yardley is constantly evolving, now catering to eco-conscious customers with its sustainably-sourced, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products. 

I LOVE cosmetics

Offering clean, vegan and cruelty free body care, I LOVE cosmetics provide products that are carefully formulated with natural ingredients with renowned benefits to boost your skin health and wellbeing.


A pro-planet beauty brand from the UK that provides you with healthy, glowing skin. They employ super science formulations and superfood ingredients to deliver potent and powerful skincare results. Natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Using low-carbon production methods to maintain the health of your skin and our planet.


Cruelty free, low waste and certified organic? Ticking all the boxes, Benecos have one simple goal of creating a natural cosmetics brand that produces high quality glamorous and seriously effective products.

LUKA Beauty

Self-care and ‘slow moments’ are the essence of ethereal beauty. Luka Beauty embodies a philosophy of SAHHA – the art of doing something nice for one’s self. Their mission is to bring small pockets of joy to your every day routine and to guide you to find beauty and pleasure in often overlooked simplicity.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare

Beauty Cleanse Skincare’s mission is to provide nourishing, low-waste products for all. They formulate, advocate, and educate to create plant-powered beauty products that perform, promoting conscious and sustainable consumption. Every product they make supports conscious consumption, from utilising healthy food by-products to creating versatile formulations.

Ramer Sponges

Lovingly creating the most high quality sponges for over 70 years in the UK, Ramer Sponges are a brand that knows how to care for your skin. Always soft, gentle and loving to your body, these sponges are a perfected bathtime essential.


Erborian is known for their unique and easy-to-use hybrid products that perfectly combine skincare and makeup. Erborian creates innovative and impactful products that enrich your routine, whilst simultaneously ensuring you get the best out of your skin, all in the least amount of steps.

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