LADYGUNN – Sciarra Is Sharing With Us Her Most Inner Experiences, Details About Her New Single, and Everything in Between


Sciarra, pronounced “Sharra,” is a talented alternative pop artist and songstress based in Nashville. From a young age, she was captivated by music and found joy in performing in theater and writing poetry. These early experiences ignited her passion for creating her own songs and led her down a path of musical exploration. While Sciarra initially focused on writing pop music, her life took an exciting turn when she attended her first music festival. It was there that she discovered her love for electronic music. Inspired by the energetic and immersive atmosphere of the festival, she decided to embark on an electronic project under a different alias. Through this project, she released several singles that embraced a dance-oriented sound.

As Sciarra continued to explore different genres of music, she found herself particularly drawn to cinematic production and emotional progressions. Inspired by these elements, she realized that it was time for a new direction in her musical career. She began crafting genre-blurring anthems that incorporated all of her influences from her upbringing. Her current songs bridge the gap between indie electronica and dark alternative pop, resulting in a truly unique and captivating sound. Her haunting vocals, accompanied by heavy drums and ethereal melodies, create a mesmerizing sonic experience. Now she’s here with us today sharing everything about her new single “New World,” the creative process behind the song, and her experiences in the music industry. Join her on this amazing journey into the unknown!

How are you, Sciarra? Would you mind telling our readers about yourself? They’re really excited to know more about you.

I’m great! I’m actually in Dubai right now then off to Italy and Spain. One of my favorite things to do is travel so it’s been amazing!

I grew up in Los Angeles and recently moved to Nashville. I started off performing in theater and fell in love with singing as well as being on stage. It inspired me to start recording music and working with different producers. From there, I have had different projects and started writing music for visual media where I have had placements on trailers such as Dungeons and Dragons, Cruel Summer, and Shadowhunters, to name a few. This led me to do this project and focus on the cinematic sound. I just love how orchestral music can take you anywhere and is like a visual movie. 

You have been performing in theaters at a very young age. Writing poetry helped you craft your own songs. What made you choose music as a career path?

Singing and songwriting is such an important outlet for me. It’s how I process what’s going on in the world or my own life. Other than that, one of my goals is to help others with the music I create. I have always turned to my favorite artists and songs in my highs and lows. I hope I can be the artist my fans can turn to when they need connection and music they can relate to. Another big goal of mine is to continue touching on subjects that need light shedded on them whether it’s what is going on in society or mental health.

Do you have any special influences you would like to mention? Do other musicians or actors play a role in making your music?

Some of my favorite artists right now are Ruelle, Hidden Citizens, Billie Eilish, Nessa Barrett, Isabel Larosa, and Ari Abdul, to name a few. I have always had a wide range of musical tastes and try to pull from all of my different influences. I am also very inspired by my favorite TV shows and movies. I love writing music around particular characters or scenes. I think it’s so fun to put yourself in someone else’s shoes sometimes when you are writing songs. It really opens up your perspective to how others think or see life.

Your music is a blend of so many different genres. How do you achieve this? Do you have any favorite genre you pick and start adding others to it?

I grew up as a competitive figure skater. We weren’t allowed to do routines to music that had vocals. I would skate to a lot of orchestral music such as Bach or movie soundtracks. Then once I started writing music for visual media, we would get briefs that would ask for orchestral elements with vocals where I started writing the style initially. This inspired me to start listening to movie soundtracks again and then learning to create lyrics and melodies that would work within the style. I also have a huge love for electronic music and had to add some of those elements in there as well. 

What can you tell us about your new single “New World”? Can you describe the creative process behind it?

I worked with my producer AJ Arroyo. We started out by building the instrumental out. From there, we started coming up with the melodies and lyrics. This song actually took 2 years. I am a perfectionist and wanted to make sure I was happy with it. It was a long journey but I am so glad it’s finally out.

The song is about the new digital world we live in and how as a society we have become addicted to social media. We are so focused on followers, how we look on social media, and our highlight reels. We have forgotten that as a human we need the in-person connection and to be outside in nature. We aren’t meant to be inside on our phones all the time lost in a fake world we created for ourselves. I hope this song can inspire my fans to focus on their passions and be creative. I hope they can spend less time on social media and do things that are important to them. 

You have worked with several labels and agencies such as Strange Fruits and Artist Intelligence Agency. Did you have a good experience working with them?

I loved working with them! It’s always fun to collaborate with others. I always have believe two heads are better than one. As an artist, you need a team of people that can help you move forward. It’s very difficult doing everything on your own.

Your music has been featured in several TV shows. Do you have a favorite one you would like to mention?

My favorite placement as of recently was the Dungeons and Dragons trailer I had. It’s for the new movie on Paramount+. 

Are you working on something new right now? If so, can we get any details about it?

Yes! I am working on several new singles. A couple are more on the pop side influenced by artists such as Nessa Barrett. They still have the cinematic elements but more of a pop structure. Then I have another that is similar to the style of this current song.

Thank you Sciarra for taking a bit of your time to be with us today! Would you like to add anything else? Maybe something special for your fans!

I will be releasing a bunch of new singles in 2024. I also would love to tour the US and Europe. Be sure to follow me on socials to stay up to date on new music and shows. 

I am also going to be doing an exclusive merch drop in November for this new song which I am really excited about! 




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