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Walking into BLODA’S CHOICE is like melting into a soft, pink kiss and traveling back in time to relive all your best dates – and your most titillating outfits. This playground of unabashed eroticism and bodacious self-expression is tucked away on the second floor of the Two Bridges mini-mall in Chinatown. Owner Anna Bloda’s uncanny boutique shares the floor with other high-end vintage dealers such as James Veloria, designers Exhaust Latta, art galleries, and other quirky locales.


The BLODA’S CHOICE collection is a revolving trip of all various shapes, patterns, cuts, and colors, knitted together with the most brilliant fashion moments straight out of Y2K. Every piece has the power to make the wearer feel bolder and sexier in an instant. Ever heard of an enchanted corset or magical leotard? This unexpected style refuge in Chinatown offers a true taste of fashion magic and titillating self-expression.


As a style-hungry kid growing up in communism, Anna Bloda grew up thrifting. There was no other way to break out of the drab uniformity of the times. Finding unique pieces to mix and match, creating bold looks that no one else could replicate – these experiments in style helped her figure out how she wanted to present herself to the world. Today she welcomes all the cool kids of NYC (and beyond) to pick and choose from her incredibly eclectic collection and cultivate their own wild ideas about what to wear. The curation that goes into Bloda’s inimitable collection comes from the same inspiration that drives her gaze as a photographer.  


It comes as no surprise that her customers are also her most charismatic muses. The most extravagant artists and models of NYC come to Bloda’s Choice at the iconic Chinese Mall to explore and discover the risqué and riveting outer limits of personal style. As Selly (@pervertedsmut on IG) spills, the boutique often feels as “less of a hidden gem and more of an oyster.” This is the style spot where true individuals can find sanctuary, support and a safe space to explore who they are and who they might want to be.





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