Is Monos Luggage Worth Buying? I Tried it to Find Out!

Friends, I am at the point in my life where I’m done buying things that don’t last. I threw out two broken pieces of luggage this year, and I’m just done with luggage that lacks a lifetime warranty.

So that led me down the rabbit hole of searching for luggage that satisfies two requirements – it’s not equivalent to a whole month of New York City rent, and has a lifetime warranty. During my search I came across Monos, a Canadian luggage brand that comes in a satisfying array of colors and sizes and looks chic while providing said guarantee.

Is Monos Luggage worth buying? Let’s dive in:

Monos Luggage Specs:

In order for luggage to be worth using four things must be true: It must be easily maneuverable, not so heavy that it takes meaningfully away from your luggage weight allowance, easy to pack with nice compartments, and it must be durable. And it should look good while doing all that.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

My search led me to Monos, a Canadian luggage brand with gorgeous colors and styles. So I reached out and begged to test out some of their luggage, and they said sure. I picked the hybrid trunk since we have some awkwardly tall things we often need to pack, like my son’s hiking carrier and travel crib, and I wanted to know if they could fit.

Their suitcases all feature:

  • Aerospace-grade, water-resistant polycarbonate hard shell made from partially recycled materials.
  • Adjustable telescopic handle with 4 height settings.
  • High performance 360° spinner wheels.
  • Luxuriously soft, anti-microbial lining, made from 100% recycled polyester.
  • Ultra-microfibre vegan leather details.
  • TSA-approved combination lock(s).

The Classic Carry Ons

Monos Carry on suitcases vary in terms of size, volume, and whether or not they have a front pocket that’s designed for a laptop or not. Keep in mind that the plus sizes may not fit into the overhead bin on smaller aircraft, while some aircraft can’t accommodate any kind of roller bag.

Compare the different sizes and features below:

  • Exterior measurements: 22″ × 14″ × 9″
  • Interior measurements: 20″ × 13.5″
  • 2–5 days trip length
  • Weight: 7.01 lb
  • Volume: 39.9 L
  • Exterior measurements: 23″ × 15″ × 9.5″
  • Interior measurements: 21″ × 14.5″
  • 3–7 days trip length
  • Weight: 7.38 lb
  • Volume: 48 L
  • Exterior measurements: 22″ × 14″ × 9″
  • Interior measurements: 20″ × 13.5″
  • Pocket measurements: 15.3″ × 10″ × 1″
  • 2–5 days trip length
  • Weight: 7.8 lb
  • Volume: 36 L
  • Lockable YKK zipper allows you to secure important items in the front pocket with your own lock
  • Three interior pockets can fit a 16″ laptop, tablets, or magazines
  • Three interior zippered pouches fit a phone, passport, and other small travel essentials
  • Exterior measurements: 23″ × 15″ × 9.5″
  • Interior measurements: 21″ × 14.5″
  • Pocket measurements: 17″ × 11.25″ × 1″
  • 3–7 days trip length
  • Weight: 8.38 lb
  • Volume: 46 L
  • Lockable YKK zipper allows you to secure important items in the front pocket with your own lock.
  • Three interior pockets can fit a 16″ laptop, tablets, or magazines.
  • Three interior zippered pouches fit a phone, passport, and other small travel essentials.

Browse options here.

Classic Check ins

The check in suitcases come in the same array of colors as the carry ons, so you can have a matching set in purple or sage if that’s your desire. Here are some of the sizes for comparison:

  • Exterior measurements: 26.5″ × 18.5″ × 10.5″
  • Interior measurements: 24.4″ × 17.7″
  • 7–18 days trip length
  • Weight: 9.59 lb
  • Volume: 70 L

Browse options here.

  • Exterior measurements: 30″ × 21″ × 11″
  • Interior measurements: 28″ × 20.5″
  • 7–21 days trip length
  • Weight: 10.58 lb
  • Volume: 99.2 L

Browse options here.


Monos has another type of luggage that’s a bit different from the Classic collection. The Hybrids blend the most desirable features of aluminum and polycarbonate luggage to make a lightweight but resilient luggage with a zipperless aluminum frame, and sturdy, anodized aluminum corner guards. These are designed to be ‘virtually unbreakable.’

They come in three different colors that are a bit more subdued – obsidian, champagne, and silver, and really have the look of premium luggage.

  • Exterior measurements: 22″ × 14″ × 9″
  • Interior measurements: 20″ × 12.95″
  • 2–5 days trip length
  • Weight: 8.81 lb
  • Volume: 36 L
  • Exterior measurements: 23″ × 15″ × 9.5″
  • Interior measurements: 21″ × 13.9″
  • 3–7 days trip length
  • Weight: 9.25 lb
  • Volume: 43 L
  • Exterior measurements: 26.5” x 18.5” x 10.5”
  • Interior measurements: 24.4” x 17.5”
  • 7–18 days trip length
  • Weight: 11 lb
  • Volume: 70 L
  • Exterior measurements: 30” x 21” x 11”
  • Interior measurements: 28” x 20”
  • 7–21 days trip length
  • Weight: 13 lb
  • Volume: 97 L
  • Exterior measurements: 29.9” x 15.7” x 14.3”
  • Interior measurements: 27.9” x 14.7”
  • 7–21 days trip length
  • Weight: 13.2 lb
  • Volume: 89 L

Monos Hybrid Trunk Review

As mentioned, the hybrid trunk caught my eye and is the suitcase I most wanted to review. Once I received it, the light weight surprised me the most. It felt so light I almost didn’t believe it could be a sturdy suitcase. But as with high-quality, strong and lightweight backpacking gear and tripods, the nicer the materials, quite often the less they weigh.

The suitcase is also incredibly maneuverable, even though it’s a bit taller and slimmer than a typical suitcase.

The size is great for having something a bit slimmer for smaller car trunks, or if you simply don’t need or want to fill a large suitcase. You’ll notice that one side of the suitcase is deeper than the other, which makes it perfect for packing the hiking backpack carrier.

The other all-important aspect of luggage is pockets and organization. which this suitcase absolutely has. I love the four pocket organizer on once side, and the center organizing pocket for larger, flat items. There’s also a strap to keep the items on the larger side of the trunk in place.

What about the locks? It’s a first for me traveling with luggage that doesn’t have a zipper, but that’s also the part of the suitcase that breaks so often. It is somewhat easier to close for those trips when the suitcase is stuffed to the max (which is every trip, amiright?). It’s also impossible to open unless you’re TSA or have the lock code. It’s also quicker access to open the suitcase rather than having to unzip the whole thing. I might be a convert to the zipperless luggage life.

What about issues? The most common complaint is that the lighter colored luggage shows scuffs and marks. I have yet to have a piece of luggage that doesn’t end up scuffed immediately due to the rubber and handling at airports. They all eventually end up looking like they’ve been around the world, which they have. However if this is a point of concern, opt for the obsidian color or consider purchasing a luggage cover.

Shop the Monos Hybrid Trunk Here.

Metro Backpack

Monos also sent along the Metro Backpack for me to try. It comes in nylon and vegan leather colors to match the colorful luggage Monos offers (think banana pudding and purple icing!), and they had an ivory vegan leather that matches the champagne hybrid trunk perfectly.

Here are the specs:

  • The nylon finish is made with premium nylon twill and features ultra-microfibre vegan leather accents.
  • The vegan leather finish is made with ultra-microfibre vegan leather
  • Both the nylon and vegan leather finishes are water and scratch-resistant
  • 15″ laptop compartment
  • Small, hidden back pocket with magnetic snap closure for your phone, passport, wallet or small valuables
  • Privacy compartment made with waterproof fabric for gym clothes or a wet rain jacket
  • Includes a zippered pouch, two interior pockets, and large sleeve lined with soft PET felt for extra organization
  • Equipped with a top carry handle, adjustable shoulder straps, and a trolley sleeve to secure your backpack to a suitcase handle while travelling
  • Comes with the Metro Classic Kit, featuring QuickSnap

The backpack is sleek. It has a nice, sturdy shape and in many ways is a Mary Poppins bag that you can fit so much stuff into. It opens almost like a suitcase, which is nice for packing and accessing what’s at the bottom of the bag. The back zipper pouch is perfect for a laptop as well.

There’s also a detachable pouch that can be snapped onto the front of the backpack, or tucked inside.

My favorite part is the strap at the back that makes the connection to the suitcase effortless. When you’re juggling a baby, a travel stroller, and multiple bags, this is a must.

I can’t wait to put these to the real test on our next trip, which I will soon. This is one of a few luggage brands with a lifetime warranty that I’m testing out. Watch this space for updates.

*Thanks, Monos, for providing these bags free so that I could test them out. Opinions on the bags are my own. Some links in this post are affiliate links that support this site at no extra cost to you when you purchase through them. Everybody wins!

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