Introducing the So Yummy Cookbook

So Yummy brings you another easy-to-follow, step-by-step cookbook
jam-packed with hacks, tips and ideas for your next dinner party. Whether
it’s with your friends, family or even your pet, this book will level-up your
food presentation and hosting skills. Not only will it look like you have it all
together but you’ll learn to be a kitchen wiz too!

So What’s Inside?


Each section contains simple plating tips and recipes that will surely be stunners. From churro tacos to edible birthday candles and chocolate ice cream bowls, this book will show you how to create your own dishes and pair them perfectly.


This book is not only a secret weapon, but it contains links to exclusive content with recipes that are only accessible through So Yummy! You’ll get tips like, how to throw the perfect taco party, how to cake decorate, as well as food styling pro-tips to make your food look social media-ready!

Why Should I Read This Cookbook?


Love to entertain? You’ll find, plating techniques, chocolate sculpture
hacks and one of a kind recipes written by our So Yummy experts just for
you! Basically, This book has everything! Enough with the reading…
Let’s get cooking!

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