ILIA The Base Face Milk Review

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ILIA The Base Face Milk Review

I was very keen to try this latest addition to ILIA’s skincare line up. There’s quite a hype around the brand since they launched at Space NK* in the UK, and I think this could be pretty popular. Here’s the lowdown on ILIA The Base Face Milk. If complexion is your thing, check this out.

What is ILIA The Base Face Milk?

What is ILIA The Base Face Milk?
What is ILIA The Base Face Milk?

This new skincare launch from ILIA is really interesting and will be one to look at if your skin needs a moisture boost, or needs to feels soothed and calmed.

  • Designed to flood skin with moisture
  • Calms the skin, reduces redness and smooths texture
  • Works to strengthen the skin barrier
  • Can be used as your moisturiser or under a cream if your skin is feeling dry
  • Can also be used as a primer for makeup
  • Available now at ILIA Beauty*

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid – to plump and hydrate

Barrier Renewal Complex – to strengthen the skin barrier with lipids, fatty acids and sterols

Microalgae Extract – rich in nutrients and antioxidants

Prickly Pear Flower Extract – supports skin renewal and promotes a smoother, brighter complexion

How to use it

Like most skincare, you can use this in a range of different ways. It can be your first step after cleansing if you want to squeeze in an extra layer of hydration and to calm the complexion. It can be followed with your moisturiser.

If you all just looking for hydration, this can be used in place of your regular moisturising product.

To apply, shake 2 or 3 drops into the palm of your hands, rub the palms together and then press it into the skin on your face and neck. It can be used morning and night.

I also think this is the perfect texture if you have a quick turnaround and need to refresh your makeup without taking it off and starting again. Just press a few drops over and then top up concealer to refresh the look.

My Review of ILIA The Base Face Milk

My Review of ILIA The Base Face Milk
My Review of ILIA The Base Face Milk

This product has a really lovely texture. It is light and milky (as the name would suggest) and it sinks into the skin so effortlessly that I think anyone would struggle not to like it.

ILIA The Base Face Milk texture
ILIA The Base Face Milk texture

I think the thing I notice most about it is how calming it feels. It is so comfortable on the skin, and feels super hydrating and plumping. It is light but very effective at moisturising the skin, so I could see this as the perfect moisturiser for the warmer months. It will sit so nicely over an active serum and layers very well under an SPF product during the day.

It’s a wonderful prep for makeup, and as I said, a great quick fix to press over existing makeup when you want to refresh or top up.

Similar products are the Rhode Glazing Milk, which is a more affordable option, and the Kiehl’s Daily Refining Milk Peel Toner, which is more of an exfoliating toner formula.

Where to buy it

ILIA The Base Face Milk is £58 and available via the following links:

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