I Tested HER Dating App — My Honest Review

When setting up your profile on HER, you’re greeted with pronoun, gender, and sexual identity labels to choose from. Vast label offerings such as intersex, polygender, bicurious, sociosexual, and more are all included as choices. 

Optional steps include sharing your star sign, height, alcohol and smoking preferences, political views, diet, religion, child preferences, and interests. There is also the option to add pride pins and questions you’d want to use as conversation starters with someone. 

One feature that makes HER stand out amongst other apps is its discover page, which allows you to see all your likes simultaneously, almost like a menu. Nadège is a big fan of this feature and shares,”It’s fun to see who has viewed my page and whose nearby… It’s like dating voyeurism, and I love it.” 

Unfortunately, the discover page is not offered without a premium subscription—although you are able to see a slim number of people who have liked your profile per day. This is one of my personal favorite features and is excellent for people who are a little more skeptical or on the shy side. 

Similar to the dating app FEELD, HER has done away with the one quick swipe for yes or no. Instead, you need to scroll all the way down and press the heart or the x so that person won’t show up in your feed again. I’ve often needed to remind myself of this one, as the classic swipe is engraved in my brain. 

Once you match with someone you can share photos and gifs in your chat room, but no video content is allowed. 

One of my least favorite features on HER is that users looking for friends need a premium subscription to filter out the people looking for romantic entanglements. This is definitely something to keep in mind, as I’d personally rather not pay a premium to find friends.

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