How To Make Bath Bombs That Work Every Time! + 7 DIYs to Try

What is that saying about kissing a lot of frogs before you meet your prince? Yeah, well, I feel the same way about homemade bath bombs! In a recent attempt to make some ultra-relaxing bath bombs, I was (unpleasantly) surprised at the number of useless recipes out there. But the good news is that after trying and failing many times, I finally figured out how to make bath bombs—and here’s my perfect, no-fail method!

Let’s just say that it all comes down to the right supplies and one teeny secret ingredient. Here are the secrets to making bath bombs at home!

No fail bath bomb recipes

My issue: if I’m going to invest in a few bottles of citric acid and take the time to lovingly hand craft something, I want it actually to turn out right. I’m not going to discuss the number of batches I attempted (can’t go there—it’s still too soon). But I’m simply going to share what works, so you won’t have to make the same mi$$takes I made. 

Let’s start with bath bomb ingredients.